Elizabeth Gray

Elizabeth Gray

Strategic Advisor
AI Plus Institute


ETEC 170
Elizabeth Gray

Elizabeth Gray is the Strategic Advisor to the AI Plus Institute at the University at Albany, where she contributes her expertise in program development, institutional design and strategic collaboration. With extensive experience in academic administration, Elizabeth has a proven track record of building new programs and managing special projects within a university setting.

Prior to joining the AI Plus Institute, Elizabeth was the Assistant to the Provost for Special Projects at UAlbany, where she worked on designing and implementing strategic University-wide initiatives. Her role required coordinating across multiple departments, resolving administrative challenges and developing strategies for project success.  

As the Assistant Dean at UAlbany's College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security and Cybersecurity, Elizabeth was instrumental in establishing new academic programs and policies. She played a key role in shaping the college's mission and vision while fostering partnerships and engaging faculty, students and staff in the college's growth.

Elizabeth's commitment to access, justice and ethical practices is a defining feature of her academic and professional career. She holds a master's degree in philosophy from UAlbany, where she's also pursuing her PhD, specializing in justice studies. She was the founding assistant director at the Global Institute for Health and Human Rights, where she coordinated programs that emphasized human rights and social justice.

Additionally, she founded and directed the Wishi Project, an initiative that established a primary school for an indigenous community in Ecuador which has operated for more than 10 years, underscoring her capacity to create and nurture new institutions while remaining committed to educational access and cultural preservation.  

Elizabeth’s professional and academic experience gives her a unique perspective on the ethical implications of technology, a valuable asset to the AI Plus Institute's mission to promote responsible artificial intelligence, and her ability to navigate complex projects and establish successful and lasting institutions makes her a key figure in the Institute's development and a valued member of the UAlbany community.