Preparing for Applying to Nursing (BSN) Programs

Most Albany students apply to BSN program after graduating from Albany.  Many schools, such as Binghamton and NYU, offer accelerated second bachelor’s degree in nursing.  When considering a career as a nurse practitioner or nurse anesthetist, students should hold an RN or BSN degree and have nursing experience before entering these programs.

The following list should serve as a general guideline only since program requirements vary:

Common Course Requirements
General Biology w/labs                                                           2 semesters
General Chemistry w/labs                                                      2 semesters
Anatomy and Physiology I & II w/labs                                     2 semesters
Microbiology w/lab                                                                   1 semester
General Psychology                                                                1 semester
Psychology of Child Development                                          1 semester
Statistics                                                                                  1 semester
English Composition                                                            1-2 semesters

Possible Additional Requirements depending on the program:
Sociology of Aging
Abnormal Psychology
Adult Psychology

Common Admissions Requirements:
Bachelor’s degree for BSN accelerated programs
2-3 Letters of Recommendation
Minimum GPA of 3.00
Personal Essay
Significant volunteer/shadowing/work in patient care

How to Apply:

Apply directly to each program/applications usually available on their websites.
Deadlines vary from November – March: Check each school for specific dates
For more information about nursing careers and programs visit: for NYS programs

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