Step 3: Creating your Fall Course Request

Show me choices for an Exploratory semester

Not knowing what you want your major to be is not unusual for first year students. 

Remember that following a Major Academic Pathway (MAP) at this time does not prevent you from changing directions in the future.

However, if none of the MAPs in Step 2 reflect your interests, you can use one of the Exploratory Semesters that we have created to request coursework that gives you the opportunity to learn more about general academic areas, while satisfying graduation requirements. 

The three options for Exploratory Semesters are listed below.  Once you have decided which one best matches your interests, please click the link at the bottom of the screen to create your Course Request Form.

The Course Request Form will assist you in choosing appropriate courses, based on these Exploratory Semester options. 

There is a link to the course descriptions for all available classes, at the top of the Course Request Form.  You should use this link to fully explore your course options before making final decisions.



Exploratory Semester worksheets

First semester courses

Humanities and the Arts

One Humanities course

One Arts course

One Social Science course

Two Elective courses

Social Sciences

Two Social Science courses

One U.S. History course

One Humanities course

One Elective course

Cultural and Historical Perspectives

One US History course

One Humanities course

One Arts course

Two Elective courses


Course request form for an exploratory semester can be found here

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