Early Assurance to Albany Medical College MD Program

Early Assurance to Albany Medical College MD Program
This agreement will allow a few select pre-medical students who entered the University at Albany as FRESHMAN to be assured of admission to Albany Medical College one year earlier than the normal application year and two years before entrance to medical school.  Transfer students are ineligible to apply.
The tedious process of preparing for the MCAT and applying to medical school often interferes with unique opportunities available to students. Students who select this pathway should do so only after significant reflection and consultation with the Pre Health Advisor. They should be confident of their interest in pursuing a career in medicine and that admission to Albany Medical College is the path they would choose toward that goal.  

Preparation and Requirements:

  • Interested students must meet with the pre-health advisor at the University at Albany during the freshman year to express interest.
  • The student must follow the pre-health curriculum guidelines in order to complete all of the pre-med pre-requisite courses during the sophomore year
  • At the time of application, students must have obtained standardized test scores with the following minimum requirements:
    • - ACT >31
    • - SAT >1400
  • The minimum overall grade point average considered for all college level grades is a 3.5.
  • The minimum grade point average considered in the prerequisite science courses is a 3.5.
  • The student must obtain either paid or volunteer exposure to the health care field and participate in public service.
  • The student must complete a pre-health file by the first Monday in January of the sophomore year in order to interview with the Pre-Health Advisory Committee during the spring of sophomore year.
  • In addition to the personal essay addressing your motivation for a career in medicine, you will also need to submit to your pre-health file a statement expressing your reasons for participation in this program and your plans for developing a health care related scholarly project that you will implement during your undergraduate and medical school years.  The scholarly project that you develop should ultimately enhance your abilities as a future physician.
  • Receive Pre-Health Advisory Committee Evaluation and approval to apply to the Early Assurance Program.
  • In late spring of sophomore year, you will receive application information and materials from AMC and the pre-health advisor.

AMC will hold interviews in late summer.

Acceptances from AMC will be offered to the student by August 1st following the sophomore year, and the student is required to make a reciprocal commitment by September 1st of that same year.

This commitment is binding unless there is a compelling reason to change. The student shall not apply to other medical schools.

Junior and Senior Years:
After acceptance the student must maintain a high level of academic achievement and progress toward personal and academic goals. The student must continue to meet with the pre-health advisor at least once each semester. Albany Medical College will provide a medical school faculty advisor who will conduct a semi-annual review of the accepted student's progress in their course work, their product, and their extracurricular activities. In addition, the undergraduate advisor will meet with the individual students at least once each semester to discuss progress or problems. Failure by the student to meet the requirements for the program will be grounds for dismissal from the program. This would not render a student ineligible for future application to medical school through traditional pathways.

Further Information:

To obtain information and materials to open a pre-health file and interview with the Pre-Health Advisory Committee, refer to Pre-Health Timeline and UAlbany Pre-Health Advisory Committee. You will follow the "Junior Year" process during your Sophomore year.

Contact:  The University at Albany, Pre-Health Advisor

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