Travel Advance

Travel Procedures: Travel Advance

Eligible employees can receive travel advances to offset out-of-pocket costs associated with their travel.

The University Travel Advance Fund can be used in the following circumstances:

  1. Authorized Users and Dollar Limits

    1. Advances will be issued only in conjunction with approved trips. 
    2. Advances will be issued only to University employees (not students or employment candidates) who are in travel status for at least one day which includes an overnight lodging. 
    3. A traveler can have only one outstanding advance at any given time. 
    4. Travel advances cannot exceed the approved per diem rate and cannot be issued for registration fees. 
    5. Travelers should request travel advances at least two weeks in advance of the trip. 
  2. Travel Advance Request Instructions

    1. Lines 1-9 on the State Travel Voucher, AC 132, should be completed, with additional information on Lines 2 and 5. 
    2. Line 2, box marked "Additional", should include the travelers' telephone extension. 
    3. Line 5, should include the travel advance information, including a maximum dollar amount of $400.00 and a listing of anticipated travel expenses, the initials of the traveler and the signature of the travelers' supervisor. 
    4. The department account number should be inlcuded in the lower left-hand corner of the travel voucher, under the heading "Cost Center Unit". 
    5. If any of the information above is not complete, a delay in the processing of the advance will occur. 
    6. The Payee copy will be forwarded directly to the Accounting Department at MSC 326. The OSC and Department copies will be held by the traveler and completed by the traveler upon return from their trip. 
  3. Repayment of the Travel Advance 

    1. When the amount to be reimbursed to the traveler on the Travel Voucher is less than the amount of the advance, the traveler must submit with the Travel Voucher a check for the difference, payable to "Advance for Travel - State University at Albany." 

      In these cases, the traveler is responsible for immediate repayment of the excess advance and should process the Travel Voucher within ten days after returning from the trip. 
    2. If the advance repayment check is returned by the bank because of insufficient funds, a $20 returned check fee is imposed. The traveler will be required to submit payment for the amount of the original check plus the $20 returned check fee. 
    3. When the amount due the traveler for reimbursement exceeds the amount of the advance, the traveler will be reimbursed for the difference. Timely submittal of the travel voucher upon return from the trip will ensure the traveler is reimbursed as soon as possible. 
  4. Delinquent Repayment of Travel Advance 

    If a Travel Voucher or personal check for full repayment of the advance is not received by the Accounting Office Travel Unit within thirty days after completion of the trip, the outstanding advance will be considered delinquent. An amount equal to the advance may be deducted from the traveler's wages or other monies due the traveler to reimburse the University's Advance for Travel account. 

    A traveler delinquent in repayment will be refused an additional travel advance. Also, notices of the delinquency will be issued to the traveler's supervisors and respective vice president's office.