NYS Travel Cards

University Corporate Travel Card Program & Policies

Travel Procedure Update:

Please see communication about business travel for FY 2021-22 - Travel Communication - FY 2021-22.pdf

Travel pre-approval form is available here: Travel Pre Approval Form.pdf.  This form should be completed and approved for all travel prior to making any arrangements.

Travel Cards will be activated for approved travel.


NYS Travel Card Manual (click to open)

General Information

The State of New York has a Corporate Travel Card Program to provide employees with a mechanism to pay for travel expenses.

Travel Card Program (T-Card)
The card is generally available to all State employees who are expected to travel using STATE FUNDS at least once a year as part of their job. Only the Cardholder's NYS State funded travel expenses are allowed on their card. A Traveler may not use this card to pay for anyone else's expenses.

Non-Employee Travel (NET) Program
A NET card is an individualized (embossed) card that will be used for non-employee State travel expenses only. The card must be embossed with the name of the State employee responsible for reconciling the card. Some uses of this type of card include:

  • Student travel expenses (including athletic team travel)
  • Research Foundation (non-State) employee travel
  • Travel for potential candidate for employment

Applications should be submitted through the Accounting Office.

New York State Travel Card Application

Each Account is generally set with a monthly credit line of $2500.00. A new line of credit starts over at the beginning of each billing cycle. Should a need arise for a temporary line of credit increase, a request should be made through the Accounting Office.

Expenses will post to the default state account listed on the application. Expenses CANNOT be moved to the UAlbany Foundation or to the Research Foundation.

All Original Receipts MUST be saved. Travel card reconciliations must be submitted detailing all charges on the corporate card. Out of pocket expenses should be submitted on travel vouchers. Accounting will reimburse out-of-pocket expenses and pay the corporate Travel card directly. Both must be submitted timely since they provide information necessary to reconcile the corporate card bill. Suspension and/or Revocation of the traveler's card may occur if there are delays in the submission of vouchers or reimbursements.


It is important to note that New York STATE guidelines, rules and regulations remain the same. These guidelines MUST be adhered to when using STATE funds to travel. View the General Guidelines.

Your Individual Department's travel policies may mandate more restrictive travel spending and guidelines.

Please check with your Account Manager for more specific policies prior to traveling.

Only appropriate travel expenses may be charged to the card. These include

Airfare - The Travel Card MUST be used when purchasing airfare through the State Contracted Travel Agency

Albany/Child Travel-New York 518-292-9000

Train or Bus - The Government rate of $67.00 one way from Albany to Penn Station must be obtained if traveling by Amtrak to NYC

Vehicle Rental - If you are in one of Enterprise, Hertz or National cities, you are recommended to use this program. If you are in a city and there is no Enterprise, Hertz or National location(s) there, you may use another provider; just remember to use the Visa travel card. The Visa travel card offers insurance for damage to the rental car referred to as Collision Damage Waiver insurance or (CDW). If you do not use the Visa travel card when renting from a non-contract supplier, you should purchase this type of insurance. (See Rental Policy)

Lodging - Travelers must stay within Per Diem Rates for lodging. The Only Exception to this is if the Traveler is staying at the Conference hotel, this must be proven with documentation.

Meals - Travelers must stay within Per Diem Rates for meals.

Special note: You Cannot put meals on your Card AND claim any portion of a Meal Per Diem Reimbursement for the same trip.

Gasoline - The Card can be used to purchase gasoline for Personal or Rental Vehicles.

Special note: You cannot charge Gasoline for your personal Car AND claim any portion of Mileage Reimbursement for the same trip.

Parking Expenses, Taxis, Conference Registration Fees, Baggage fees, and other miscellaneous travel related expenses may also be charged to the travel card.

The University is responsible for recovering any overpayments or improper charges, as well as ensuring the bill is reconciled correctly. Improper or unauthorized charges may result in mandated reimbursement to the University by the employee, this may be recovered from an employee's reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses, paychecks or any other monies owed to the employee. Improper or unauthorized charges may also result in suspension or loss of privileges related to the card, and/or disciplinary action.

Employees leaving the University must turn in their travel card prior to leaving.

In the Event of a Declined Authorization, Lost or Stolen Card, or Suspected Fraudulent Activity - Contact the Accounting Office Immediately. For after hours assistance it is best to send an email to:

Eileen Scanlan: Credit Card Program Manager

Email: [email protected]

Phone 518-442-3195


University Travel Card Reconciliation Procedures

  1. For any month a traveler has activity on their Citi-Bank Travel Card, the State Accounting Office will send the individual traveler's Citibank Corporate Card (CCC) statement and the University at Albany Travel Card Reconciliation Form (Reconciliation Form) to the traveler and the account manager. These will be sent out via email with-in 5 business days at the end of a billing cycle.

    The Billing Cycle for the T-Card ends the 22nd of each month.
    The Billing Cycle for the NET Card Ends the 6th of each month.
  2. The traveler or account manager is responsible for transferring information from the CCC statement onto the Reconciliation Form, attaching all pertinent original receipts and submitting this information to the State Accounting Office within 21 days of receiving the CCC statement.
  3. In cases where a refund is due to the University from the traveler, the traveler must submit a check payable to the University at Albany with the documentation from step 2 above.
  4. If there are out-of-pocket travel expenses related to the trip(s) on the CCC statement, a NYS Travel Voucher must be submitted with the original receipts and the corresponding Reconciliation Form.
  5. Copies of all documentation submitted to the State Accounting Office should be retained by the traveler or within the department.
  6. Failure to submit all documentation related to the monthly CCC statement in a timely fashion may result in the suspension of the traveler's credit card.
  7. The State Accounting Office will audit the Reconciliation Forms and NYS Travel Vouchers to ensure that the all documentation related to this month's activity is reconciled.
  8. The State Accounting Office will issue payment to Citibank for all University travelers CCC statements and payment to travelers for all out-of-pocket expenses.