Interviewee Travel Costs

The State allows reimbursement of interviewee travel expenses, (e.g., transportation, food, lodging).

Travel reimbursement is permitted for both residents and non-residents of New York State. In no case, however, may reimbursement be made to interviewees residing fifty miles or less from the interviewsite.

Interviewees must prepare a travel voucher in accordance with standard campus procedures. The "Purpose of Travel" section should indicate that interviewee expenses are being paid. The vice president's signature will denote that all the requirements listed above are met and that the expense is allowable.

Reimbursement of interview travel expenses may be less, but not greater, than the travel allowances permitted state employees. No central funds are maintained for interviewee travel reimbursement. Respective departmental, dean or vice presidential funds should be used for this purpose.

Air travel arrangements should be set up by the Department and must be booked through a non-employee travel (net card) with one of the State contract vendors.

Travel voucher forms should be submitted early to permit timely reimbursement.

It is possible for departments to arrange all travel plans for interviewees and have the University directly billed by the vendor for services. This makes it easier for both the department and the interviewee, as well as enables the department to control the travel lodging costs.

When direct pay arrangements are made, the department will receive the bills from the vendor and submit a purchase requisition to the Accounting Office according to the standard procedures, but must indicate that payment be made to the hotel, travel agency, etc. Departmental personnel must ensure that State rates are not exceeded and that only reimbursable items are submitted for payment. The department must inform the interviewee that only the cost of travel and room will be directly paid and that he or she can be reimbursed for meal costs based on State per diem rates.

Ancillary costs associated with the candidate (such as travel to and from the airport) may be reimbursed.