IFR Billing and Collections

  1. Contracting to Provide Goods or Services
  2. Billing and Collection Controls
  3. Project Collections
  4. Deposit of Project Collections
  5. Change Funds
  6. Returned IFR Checks
  7. Reconciliation
  8. Other Procedures

This section of the manual describes the University's billing and collection procedures for Income Fund Reimbursable (IFR) accounts. IFR accounts rely upon the revenues they generate to fund their operations. It is essential that projects collect all funds due them to prevent a revenue shortfall.

These IFR Billing and Collection procedures provide assurance that bills are controlled and that projects are credited with the proper amount of receivables and collections. If the project director believes it is necessary to use other means for billing or payment, the Accounting Office should be consulted during the project development process.