Frequently Used Acronyms


Acronym Definition
C Contracts
CSEA Civil Service Employee Association
CTA Citibank Travel Account
DOB New York State Division of Budget
ECC Education Communication Center
EMO Equipment Management Office
ENC Encumbrance
HRF Honorarium Request Form
IFR Income Fund Reimbursable accounts
M&O Maintenance and Operations Overhead
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MWBE Minority or Women Owned Business Enterprise
OSC Office of the State Comptroller
PCS Property Central System
PEF Public Employees Federation
PO Purchase Order
PSR Personal Service Regular Funds
RA Remittance Advice
RCC Rapid Copy Center
REQ Purchase Requisitions
RF Research Foundation
S&E Supplies and Expense Funds
TS Temporary Service Funds
UAS University Auxiliary Services
UUP United University Professions
V Vouchers