Trauma, Healing, & Racial & Ethnic Disparities in Child-Serving Systems

The discussion centers ways that young people, practitioners, policymakers, and community stakeholders can deepen and formalize efforts and structures that support healing and restoration for youth involved with the justice system, their families, and communities.

Evaluating & Sustaining Court-Based Innovations

Panelists consider the court-based innovations implemented during the pandemic, methods to determine their effectiveness, and the ways in which courts can seize this opportunity to partner with youth, family, and communities to better serve those contacting the justice system and eliminate disparate treatment.

Education as Protective Influence for Vulnerable Youth Populations

This panel explores ways school systems can return to high-quality in-person instruction, the role of education as a protective influence for both youth and families, and strategies for re-connecting disconnected students as we transition out of the pandemic.