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The New York State Youth Justice Institute strives to build and strengthen the capacity of localities around New York State to adopt evidence-informed youth justice practices. We do so by disseminating information, assisting with implementation and assessing efficacy in existing youth justice programs, and by conducting cutting-edge research to advance the science and practice of evidence-based initiatives.



The YJI is Hiring!

We are looking for an experienced, dynamic, senior technical assistance and training specialist to join our team. The ideal candidate understands the importance of bridging research, practice, and lived expertise; is a team player; and centers equity in all aspects of their technical assistance and training activities. Click here if you want to learn more about our TTA position!

This full-time position is based in Albany, the salary range starts at $75,000, and it comes with benefits that exceed salary alone -- e.g., comprehensive health and retirement plan options, including participation or continuity in the NY State Retirement System, for eligible employees.


We are also looking for our first assistant director of communications to join our team. The ideal candidate is a hands-on strategic communicator and storyteller who develops effective messaging and communication strategies on youth justice topics aimed at a variety of stakeholders. The assistant director of communications will create and share high-quality content and connect with our key audiences through media, social media, listserv outreach, press releases and public announcements, editorial placements, events, conferences, and other opportunities. Click here if you want to learn more about our Communications position.

This is a full-time position and it is based in Albany, NY. Salary range starts at $60,000, and it comes with benefits that exceed salary alone -- e.g., comprehensive health and retirement plan options, including participation or continuity in the NY State Retirement System, for eligible employees.

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NYS Youth Justice Peer Advisory Council Now Accepting Applications!

The YJI is currently seeking applications for the NYS Youth Justice Peer Advisory Council (PAC). The PAC's mission is to empower young adults with lived justice system experience to become key advisors on youth justice policy and practice development in New York State. Click here for a flyer with additional information. Applications accepted on a rolling basis.

Submit your NYS Youth Justice Peer Advisory Council (PAC) application here.


Lunch & Learn: Presented by James Tuttle, PhD
"The End of the Age-Crime Curve? Implications of Recent Trends in Teenage Offending"
Tuesday, April 9 at Noon EST

Every month, the YJI brings to you the work of prominent researchers and practitioners in the field of youth justice!

On Tuesday, April 9 at noon EST, join us as we welcome Dr. James Tuttle, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Criminology at the University of Montana. He will be presenting on recent shifts in the "age crime curve" pattern of youth offending with a discussion about what this change means for practice.

Click here to register to attend this webinar, it's free! 


Click here to see our past Lunch & Learn Webinars. 


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Beyond 2020 - The Next Normal: COVID-19 and Youth Forum

From June 1-3, 2021, the YJI held a series of panel discussions among youth justice stakeholders from around the country that explored the pandemic's continued impacts on youth, their families, and their communities; and ways to leverage challenges and lessons of the pandemic to move the field closer to eliminating of racial and ethnic disparities, ensuring equity and justice, and prioritizing individual and communal health and well-being.

Learn more about how the YJI is contributing to national and international discussions on COVID-19 and youth.



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Racial Equity & Youth Justice Microsite

The Racial Equity & Youth Justice Microsite offers youth and community justice partners a curated and living array of relevant national and YJI-developed racial justice resources and research. The selected tools (guides, toolkits, webinars, scholarly articles, etc.) are meant to provide concrete supports that empower, instruct, motivate, and inspire our work to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in youth justice systems. We invite you to contribute to this site by nominating resources for future inclusion. Email nominations to [email protected].



Gender & Youth Justice

The Gender & Youth Justice Microsite provides practitioners and policymakers information and resources on meeting the unique gender-based needs of youth involved in the justice system, including youth who have diverse sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions. The selected tools (e.g., guides, toolkits, webinars, scholarly articles, etc.) range from introductory to more advanced and seek to deepen relevant awareness, understanding, and practical expertise. We invite you to contribute to this site by nominating resources for future inclusion. Please submit new resources and suggestions using this form.

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NYS Mentoring Dashboard

Created by the YJI and the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services, the Mentoring Dashboard lists youth-focused mentoring programs around the state and is searchable by county, goal, age range, delivery style, and program length. Each entry contains key program details and website links. Access the dashboard here.


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Latinx Youth: An Issue Brief

For Latinx Heritage Month 2022, the YJI created a snapshot of Latinx youth experiences in New York State and the United States including justice system involvement, migration, and gender-based disparities. See below to read the brief!


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