WGSS Students Present their Work at the 2024 UAlbany Showcase

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The department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies joined the 2024 UAlbany Showcase on Tuesday, April 30 with sessions including 15 student presentations.

Making Sense of Cultural Artifacts: Feminist Perspectives

The first session, “Making Sense of Cultural Artifacts: Feminist Perspectives,” was based on student research for Professor Barbara Sutton’s Feminist Theory Course.

Here's the list of projects and students who presented their work:

Damien Kritzer
The Vibrator as a Symbol for the Sexual Liberation Movement

Zuzanna Mazzoll
Going Down the Toilet: Public Restrooms Revisited

Masoud Salari
The Path “From Pain to Power”: Empowered Bodies

Charlie Ambrose
Beyond Binaries: A Poststructuralist Retrospective of the Pink Pussyhat

M.A. Final Project Showcase 

The second session, consisting of three panels, was the WGSS MA Final Project Showcase, coordinated by Professor Rajani Bhatia in her role as Director of Graduate Studies.

Panel I: Academic and Pedagogical Innovation in WGSS

Jane Wang
Intersectionality, Interdisciplinarity, and Social Justice (Gender and Cosmopolitanism)

Sydney Lemire
The Politics of Naming a Field: Evolution, Controversies, and Strategies around What We Call “Women’s Studies”

Lily Hughes
Necropolitics and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Aminata Kargbo
African Feminist Syllabus

Panel II: Healing Justices

Bria Nickerson
Dear Mama: An Exploration of Trauma and Black Feminist Healing Practices Through Letter Writing

Sade Lubin
Exploratory Study of Adversities Encountered by Community Doulas in the Capital Region

Emilia Romero Hicks
Obstetric Violence as a Factor that Prevents Humanized Childbirth in Mexico

Panel III: LGBTQ+ Representation, Identification, and Institutional Exclusions

Sarah Amplo
Into the New World: Queer Asians, K-pop, and Representation

Lynn Rios Rivera
Embracing Plurisexuality: Factors Influencing Self-Identification

Chanthanome Vilaphonh
Tom and Kathoey: Exploratory Study on the Experiences of Gender Non-Conforming Individuals in High Schools in Laos

Alex Perry
Intersectionality, Interdisciplinarity, and Social Justice (Gender and Sport)