WGSS at the Inaugural UAlbany Showcase

Thirteen women stand in front of a crowd dressed in a variety of outfits, one holding a sign that reads "Protect Reproductive Rights." Behind them, "Political Fashion" is displayed on the projector.

WGSS graduate and undergraduate students participated in the Inaugural UAlbany Showcase on April 27, 2023.

Our department held engaging, informative, and well-attended events throughout the day, including the Annual M.A. Project Showcase hosted by Prof. Rajani Bhatia and a “Banned Books” display in connection with the Freedom to Learn campaign.

WGSS students also presented two group projects. Students in the Global Perspectives on Women course (AWSS 308) put on “Your Body is Political.” The project included an art installation, fashion show, and food expo addressing reproductive justice and the global economy, among other issues. 

Meanwhile, students of the Research Seminar in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (AWSS 590) presented their Hip-Hop Feminist Syllabus in celebration of hip-hop’s 50th anniversary, which will be featured in Ms. Magazine in June 2023.

Both AWSS 308 and 590 are taught by Professor Janell Hobson.


Enjoy some of our photos from the event!

Women in a blazer and glasses poses with a "Banned Books" display table
Women stands in a crowd of peers as she presents a project. Behind her is a poster titled "Our Body is Political," with additional text that is too small to read.
Two people stand in front of a wall displaying project information. The person on the left has a shirt that reads ' Class of 2026", while the person on the right is wearing a blue checked flannel and backpack.
Two women stand in front of a crowd, holding handmade signs reading "Protect Reproductive Rights" and "My Body My Choice". Behind them, "Political Fashion" is displayed on the projector.
A person with long, black hair walks in front of a crowd of people. She is wearing a painted denim jacked and pants.
A women in a white dress and veil, holding flowers, walks in front of a crowd of people.
People holding platers gather around a table that has dishes of food and a yellow table cloth.
Three people stand behind a podium. The one on the left is in a black and white plaid blazer, the one in the middle is speaking and wearing a gray sweater, and the one on the right is in a pink button-up and a black mask. Behind the, a projector displays a collage of faces with the caption "Credit:femalerappers.tumblr.com"
A person in glasses, a denim skirt, and her hair in a ponytail stands in front of a projector with a video queued up. The video that reads thumbnail reads "Patricia Hill Collins" in large font with "Imagens dé controle" underneath.