Hip-Hop Feminist Syllabus Published by Ms. Magazine

Janell Hobson

The Hip-Hop Feminist Syllabus project, recently published by Ms. Magazine, resulted from collaborative work between WGSS Professor Janell Hobson and students in her Research Seminar.

The students who contributed to the public syllabus include Sarah Amplo, Arezoo Hajighorbani, Janelle Hogges, Lily Hughes, Aminata Kargbo, Sade Lubin, Sydney Lemire, Jamie McCoy, Yoanna Moawad, Bria Nickerson, Alexander Perry, Lynn Rios Rivera, Emilia Romero Hicks, Madison Snyder, and Chanthanome (Toui) Vilaphonh. A reading/resource list was assembled by Arezoo Hajighorbani, Sade Lubin, and Yoanna Moawad.

As explained by Ms. Magazine, “The Hip-Hop Feminist Syllabus is a comprehensive resource list of sources relating to hip-hop’s impact on gender, race and feminism on the occasion of hip-hop’s 50th anniversary in 2023.”

The Hip-Hop Feminist Syllabus can be found here, along with Dr. Hobson’s accompanying article and "Five Decades of Women in Hip-Hop: A Feminist Anthem Playlist"