8-Day Web Accessibility Challenge

Accessibility Basics

Get Started

In January 2022, Web Services held its first 8-Day Web Accessibility Challenge. This asynchronous training program covers the basics of web accessibility for anyone who edits, manages or contributes to University websites.

Now, this 8-module training program is available anytime, right here on the Web Services website. Please complete the training in the order listed below:

  1. Introduction

  2. Using Structured Headings

  3. Adding Alt Text to Images

  4. Writing Descriptive Links

  5. Creating Accessible Tables

  6. Using Color Carefully

  7. Using Clear Language & Design

  8. Reflection

Please read each webpage, watch each video and complete each quiz. You must submit all eight quizzes to complete the training.

Once you have completed this training, please email [email protected]. One of our staff members will verify your completion and send you a certificate.

You can also email us with any questions or concerns. Thank you!


Sources: Some information from this challenge is sourced from the Web Accessibility Initiative, SiteImprove, Deque University and SUNY Oswego.