Sorrell Chesin Research Award

Applications will open on Friday, January 17, 2020.  All submissions must be received by Friday, February 28, 2020 by 11:59 PM.

Faculty mentor letters of support must be submitted by Monday, March 2 at 5:00 PM.

To submit an application for the Spring 2020 Sorrell Chesin Research Award, please

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The Sorrell Chesin Research Award was established in 2018 to encourage full-time undergraduate students to undertake a research experience in the Life Sciences Dr. Sorrell Chesin(Biology, Chemistry, and/or related disciplines), and to recognize those who are engaged in research under the direction of a University at Albany Faculty member. The award amount may range from $250 to $500 each year, and is open to Juniors and Seniors. Please see 'Criteria for Consideration' for additional requirements and specific information.

Dr. Chesin recognizes the importance of such experiences. During his undergraduate years at SUNY Geneseo, Dr. Chesin participated in a research project under the direction of his Psychology Professor, Richard Bloomer. 

This experience became an important component throughout his career in higher education, something that he has promoted for many years at institutions and organizations that are engaged in research, including at UAlbany.

Past Recipients of the Sorrell Chesin Research Award

Criteria for Consideration for the Sorrell Chesin Research Award

  1. Must be a full-time (12 credits or more) matriculated Junior or Senior
    • Juniors (Class of 2021) - Matriculated at UAlbany in 2017-2018
    • Seniors (Class of 2020) - Matriculated at UAlbany in 2016-2017
  2. Students must be engaged in Life Sciences research (Biology, Chemistry, and/or related disciplines) under the direction or mentorship of a University at Albany Faculty member
  3. Only Undergraduate students are eligible
  4. Students must be actively engaged in the research project in the Spring 2020 semester
  5. Students must complete the full online application no later than 11:59 PM on Friday, February 28, 2019
  6. Students must provide the following materials at the time of application:
    • An abstract of the research project
    • The name of their Faculty Mentor/Advisor along with their email address.  The Faculty Mentor/Advisor will be asked to submit a letter of support for your application
    • Responses to the following two questions:
      1. Briefly describe your personal goals and objectives for being involved in research
      2. How does your research contribute significantly to your field of study or beyond?
    • A résumé
    • 2019 recipients are eligible for the 2020 award process, but cannot submit an application for consideration using the same project from 2019.  Only applications from prior recipients that are for a different project will be considered for the award.