Situation Prize for Research - Community, Cause and Advocacy

Application for the Spring 2022 Situation Prize for Research - Community, Cause and Advocacy will be accepted from Friday, January 21 through Sunday, March 6, 2022.

Apply to the Situation Prize for Research

Damian Bazadona '98 graduated from the University at Albany with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. He is the Founder and President of Situation – a digital agency that helps brands build passionate communities through digital-first marketing strategies. Over the years, Damian has worked with some of the world’s leading brands including Meals on Wheels America, The Metropolitan Opera, HBO, Major League Soccer, National Geographic, and The Ad Council. His agency has also been honored with numerous workplace awards from Crain’s, Best Companies Group, Cynopsis, Digiday, and Fortune. Damian himself was honored by Cynopsis with the Social Good Leader of the Year and HR Visionary of the Year awards.Damian Bazadona '98 speaks at Commencement

Damian strongly believes in giving back to his own community, and he has provided CURCE and undergraduates with access to the first-ever award for student participation in research, scholarship, and creative activities. Past recipients have used their awards to advance their project(s), attend conferences, and make an impact in their communities. The Situation Prize for Research was announced in April 2017 and provided the inaugural awards in April 2018 to nine undergraduates.


Past Recipients of the Situation Prize for Research

Situation Prize for Research - Community, Cause and Advocacy
Student who apply are eligible for ONE of NINE awards for $500!

At Situation, we passionately invest in and support causes that leverage the power of our growing communities. Not only does giving back feel like the right thing to do, but it also unites us under a greater purpose to make a positive impact in our own backyard and beyond.
Civic engagement can take many forms, whether it be social, political, economic or environmental--and there are so many ways that we as individuals can create change right where we are now. It’s just about taking that next (or first) step.

For the 2022 application of the Situation Prize for Research- Community, Cause and Advocacy, students are invited to apply for one of nine $500 awards to either support conducting research OR taking an actionable first or next step to move a community project, service to the community, and/or a project that is meeting a critical need within a community forward. This may come from all academic disciplines at UAlbany. Your project does not have to be complete or near completion. This application could be the starting line for your project.

Student Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be a matriculated (actively enrolled) University at Albany undergraduate student in Spring 2022
  • Must be enrolled in a minimum if 6 credits in Spring 2022
  • All academic majors are eligible to apply
  • All class years are eligible to apply

Spring 2022 Application Requirement

  • Submit full application and supporting materials by 11:59 PM on Sunday, March 6, 2022
  • Upload a 3-5 page project proposal or project summary that is based on research and cited sources. A works cited page must also be included (not part of the 3-5 page total). This is to highlight the importance of sound research and analysis of data, theories, and practices in addressing such issues.
  • Updated Resume
  • A 10-second video of a one-sentence tagline for your project
  • Selected recipients will be required to provide an update about their project, how it has progressed, and other related information in August 2022

What should be included in your project proposal/project summary?

Engaging with our communities has never been more timely than it is now. As a student, cultivating interests and passions outside of the classroom is a valuable aspect of your development as an engaged citizen. Using your academic experience, we ask that you write a project proposal/paper that identifies an issue/problem within the community you live and work in that has sparked your passion. This 3-5 page paper must include the following elements:

  • definition of the problem/issue
  • your relationship to the problem/issue, why it matters to you
  • the impact of this problem/issue on the community
  • how this problem/issue is or is not being addressed elsewhere
  • your proposal of actionable interventions that can be implemented to address the problem/issue within the community and/or how to further the work of an organization you are already involved with
  • what you envision the future will look like without this problem/issue
  • must include a works cited page (not part of the 3-5 page total). This is to highlight the importance of sound research and analysis of data, theories, and practices in addressing such issues.

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