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We are excited you want to Get Involved in Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities at UAlbany!

Do you need help? Use the below to get started!

Are you connected with CURCE?

Stay engaged with the CURCE team all year through Social Media: @UAlbanyCURCE on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

Don't forget to attend our events throughout the semester! Check out our Events page!

Have you identified an area of interest?

Students interested in getting involved should identify areas of interest. This will help you, and the the CURCE team in supporting you! Check out the Explore Opportunities by Topic and Explore Opportunities by Academic Department

You should also ask yourself the following:

  1. Do I want to focus on a specific field?
  2. Am I open to looking outside of my major for an opportunity?
  3. What classes have I enjoyed and connected with?
  4. What do you want to do after graduation?
  5. How can research prepare you?

Did you know you can get academic credit for research?

At UAlbany, our academic departments engrain experiential learning into the curriculum, and offer courses specifically for research credit that can apply to your major and minor!

Explore Opportunities by Academic Department to learn more about the course offerings!

Check out the Undergraduate Bulletin to learn more about University Wide opportunities

Explore all Academic Majors

Have you found an opportunity? Now what?

Great news! But what do you do next? Here are CURCE's recommended next steps to prepare to apply:

  1. Prepare yourself by reading at least two recent publications from the faculty or research lab - this will help you better understand their work, but will also give you a chance to ask questions about their research! It is okay (and common) to not understand all of the content in the publications.
  2. Make sure you have fully read any and all prerequisites for position. This could be a specific GPA, courses you need to have completed, and/or specific major(s).
  3. Have all the materials ready to apply - some faculty will ask for a Resume or CV, Cover Letter, unofficial transcript, etc.
    1. Schedule an appointment with Career & Professional Development for help with your Resume/CV and Cover Letter
  4. Reach out to the Faculty member!
    1. Don't fret! CURCE can help you draft your emails. Check out our Student Resources Page
    2. Email our team your email drafts and/or application materials for review!
  5. Be Patient!
    1. It may take some time to hear back. We recommend that students follow up after their initial email in two-weeks. You can (and should) visit their office hours as well!

Are you part of the CURCE Blackboard Community Page?

The CURCE Blackboard Community Page is where our team shares up to date information about current and open research opportunities for UAlbany students!

To Join:

  1. Log into your UAlbany Blackboard Account
  2. In the upper right hand corner, click "Community"
  3. Find the "Organization Search" function and enter "CURCE"
  4. Hover over our "Organization ID" labeled "NS-2020-Undergrad-Ed-Curce" and click Enroll

Apply for CURCE Funding!

CURCE offers funding opportunities to UAlbany students in the Fall and Spring Semester. To learn more about our funding, visit the Student Awards and Funding Page

Want to meet a member of the CURCE team?

Meet the CURCE Team

Schedule a meeting with Casey Kohler for one-on-one support

Please note, due to current protocols in place for the COVID-19 Pandemic, CURCE can only assist University at Albany students. Research opportunities are limited to University at Albany students.