Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Emergency Preparedness

Center for Public Health Preparedness

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CPHP provides highly relevant emergency preparedness training, resources, and assistance to public health professionals and their community response partners across New York State and the nation. The Center has established itself as a national leader in the production of high-quality, award-leader in the production of high-quality, award-winning educational programs including in-person training satellite and archived presentations, interactive, web-based training and academic courses.

NYS Center for Information Forensics and Assurance

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CIFA's mission is research and education to better enable practitioners to address real problems in information forensics and assurance, especially in the area of public protection.

National Center for Security and Preparedness

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Through collaboration, creativity, and a commitment to excellence, the National Center for Security and Preparedness supports the nation's efforts to be secure from acts of terrorism and to be prepared to respond to incidents of high consequence and disasters through research, education, training, and technical assistance.