Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Educational & Counseling Psychology

Behavioral Health Research Laboratory

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The goal of our team to improve self-management. We seek to first understand individuals’ views of their health. We then use this information to develop interventions to improve self-management of health. Our team is particularly focused on improving the health of Veterans post-deployment. Common post-deployment health concerns include poorly understood symptoms such as fatigue, pain, and gastrointestinal distress. These symptoms cause significant distress for many Veterans. Despite this there are few known treatments to improve the quality of life for these Veterans. Our team has a number of studies seeking to understand how Veterans understand these symptoms, how providers can best communicate about these symptoms and testing a novel intervention to improve the quality of life for Veterans with these symptoms.

Health and Addictive Behaviors Investigative Team (HABITs)

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Dr. Martin and her team are interested broadly in psychosocial risk and protective factors and cultural variables associated with health-related and addictive behaviors among diverse populations. There is an emphasis on investigating alcohol and substance use among college students as well as the design and delivery of prevention and intervention efforts to reduce heavy and problematic college student drinking.