Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Biotechnology

Belfort Lab

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Our research explores the dynamics of elements that interrupt genes, introns and inteins. We study their basic properties of structure, function and regulation, and their applications in biotechnology and infectious disease.

Research Group Halamek

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Our research group focuses on the areas of bioelectronics and bionanotechnology. These approaches, often combined with biomolecular engineering, are a rapidly emerging field aimed at development biology-inspired intelligent sensing systems. Our multidisciplinary research approach combines fundamental studies with forward-looking engineering efforts. Some of the projects our group is interested in stem from the fields of biochemistry, analytical science and biotechnology. We are exploring the biorecognition of different characteristics, such as, ethnicity and gender of forensic subjects. These are based on biological markers, detection of toxic compounds such as organophosphates and biochemical steganographic and encryptic systems or "smart" biofuel cells and actuators.