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Have questions about the Automated Wait List process now active on all fully online undergraduate courses in the summer and winter terms? Find the answers below:

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  • Thank you to all our summer faculty and staff who contributed to a successful 2017 Summer Sessions. The advance planning process for Summer Sessions 2018 will be initiated via the academic units in mid-October. If you are interested in teaching in Summer Sessions 2018, please advise your department during this initial scheduling period that you would like to be considered. 

    Summer 2018 Faculty Appointment Recommendations are due Friday, November 17. Recommendations should be submitted electronically to the Summer Sessions Coordinator. The Faculty Appointment Recommendation form, along with related Summer 2018 scheduling information, is available below:

    Summer 2018 Scheduling Forms

    Departments should electronically submit SCFs & SRSs via their Dean's Office. After review, the form will be forwarded to the Program Coordinator.

    Please remember, at this point, any scheduling changes that would result in a new salary appointment must be pre-approved by the Director of Summer Sessions.

    Instructor Appointments

    The 2018 Summer Instructional Appointment Agreements are distributed to academic units by March. All required materials should be returned to the Office of Summer Sessions by Friday, May 11, to ensure adequate processing time.

    Instructor Appointment Information