Engagement & Service

UAlbany will continue to serve as an integral regional, national and international partner and anchor institution.

  1. Create publicly engaged scholarship and research opportunities that address societal challenges through collaborative work in relevant thematic areas.

  2. Serve our communities—local to global—by facilitating productive and mutually beneficial synergies between UAlbany and regional, state, national, and international partners.

  3. Include and engage neighbors, community members, friends, and alumni in the life of the University by promoting participation in on-campus events, programs, and activities while encouraging life-long educational pursuits.

Sample Engagement and Service Metrics:

  • Number of publicly engaged research and scholarship collaborations
  • Credit hours taught in courses with a public engagement component
  • Credit hours taught in courses with a community volunteerism component
  • Number of service-learning opportunities
  • Number of students participating in engagement and service activities
  • Carnegie Community Engagement Classification in 2020