A Letter from the President

Dear UAlbany Community:

When I arrived at the University at Albany in September 2017, I knew that in very short order we would be engaging the campus community to complete a strategic plan. Fortunately, we were able to hit the ground running, thanks to the hard work of many individuals who participated in the first phase of strategic planning during 2016-17.

To help move the process forward quickly, I launched a “Listening and Learning Tour” across our three campuses. As I talked to faculty, staff, and students, as well as community members, alumni, donors, and elected officials, a picture of UAlbany’s strengths, challenges, and opportunities began to emerge. Before long, we could clearly see five priorities that will drive the University to meet its full potential as a leading diverse public research university: Student Success, Research Excellence, Diversity and Inclusion, Internationalization, and Engagement and Service.

These five core priorities, which form the basis of our Strategic Plan, collectively express UAlbany’s unique assets—and our aspirations for the future. They are the touchstones that will anchor the next chapters in our already long and rich history.

This plan truly reflects the extraordinary minds, energy, and commitment of the UAlbany community. More than 1,000 faculty, staff, and students directly participated in the creation of this document. Their passion is captured in a mission that focuses on empowering our people to excel, and a vision that promises to harness our work to create a better world.

I could not be more enthusiastic about the collaborative process that generated this plan; nor could I be more certain that we will meet our mandate to pave strong pathways to success and transformation. The future of the University at Albany (our future) is strong, bright, and exciting.

As we continue to join together in service to our collective future, I am confident that not only will we meet our strategic goals, but that we will succeed beyond our expectations. It is in this spirit of deep optimism and encouragement that we proudly present Authoring Our Success: The Plan for UAlbany 2018-2023.