Action Planning

With the launch of the UAlbany’s new strategic plan – Authoring Our Success – President Rodríguez has called for action plans to be developed by schools, colleges and administrative divisions to help advance our mission, vision and institutional priorities and goals.

The strategic plan implementation committee is charged with monitoring progress made on achieving the University’s strategic plan, periodically reviewing unit-level action plans, helping inform the strategic budget allocation process, and providing advice and counsel to President Rodríguez and the University’s senior leadership on attaining institutional priorities and goals.

Strategic Planning Advisory Council

The strategic plan advisory council will monitor progress made on achieving the University’s strategic plan, periodically review unit-level action plans, help inform the strategic budget allocation process, and provide advice and counsel to President Rodríguez and the University’s senior leadership on attaining institutional priorities and goals.

The members of the Implementation Team represent institutional stakeholders including faculty, staff and students. The members include:


  • Carol Kim, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Michael Christakis, Vice President for Student Affairs


  • JoAnne Malatesta, Interim Vice Provost and Dean for Undergraduate Education (Co-Chair)
  • Ed Engelbride, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs (Co-Chair)
  • Jon Bartow, Graduate Studies
  • Laurie Garafola, Student Affairs
  • Linda Krzykowski, Student Engagement
  • Karl Rethemeyer, Rockefeller College
  • Noah Simon, Career and Professional Development
  • Kendra Smith-Howard, History
  • Christine Wagner, Psychology


  • James Dias, Vice President for Research (Co-Chair)
  • Kevin Williams, Vice Provost for Graduate Education (Co-Chair)
  • Ajay Raghavendra, Graduate Student Representative


  • Tamra Minor, Chief Diversity Officer and Assistant Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion (Co-Chair)
  • Edelgard Wulfert, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences (Co-Chair)


  • Harvey Charles, Dean for International Education and Vice Provost for Global Strategy (Co-Chair)
  • Karl Rethemeyer, Dean, Rockefeller College of Public Affairs (Co-Chair)
  • Thomas Begley, Biology
  • Rita Biswas, Finance
  • Suraj Commuri, School of Business
  • Hany Elgala, Electrical & Computer Engineering
  • Laurie Feldman, Psychology
  • Yan Jiang, Student Representative
  • John Justino, Center for Global Health
  • Rey Koslowski, Political Science
  • Robert Miller, Social Welfare
  • William Pridemore, Dean, School of Criminal Justice
  • Karin Reinhold, Mathematics & Statistics
  • Eric Stern, College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security and Cybersecurity
  • Gilbert Valverde, Educational Policy & Leadership
  • Matthais Vuille, Atmospheric & Environmental Sciences
  • Carrie Wojenski, Center for International Education and Global Strategy


  • Sheila Seery, Vice President for Government and Community Relations (Co-Chair)
  • Jason Lane, Interim Dean, School of Education (Co-Chair)
  • Martha Asselin, Center for Leadership & Service
  • Jordan Carleo-Evangelist, Government & Community Relations
  • Winsome Foderingham, Advancement
  • Janine Jurkowski, School of Public Health
  • Alfredo Medina, Public Engagement
  • Mary Ellen Mallia, Sustainability
  • Travis Wilson, Athletics


  • James Hyde, President’s Office


Strategic Plan Accelerators

Only funding for fiscal year 2019-2020 is guaranteed. Allocations should be expended by June 30, 2020. Funds will not be rolled forward. Future funding determinations will be based on progress to date and whether the First-Year Strategic Plan Accelerator attained its stated goal(s). Progress will be reviewed at the conclusion of each academic year (in June).

2019-2020 Strategic Plan Accelerators

Student Success First Year Experience (FYE) Program $155,000 Expansion and coordination of First Year Experience courses for freshman will provide additional spring semester freshmen seminars and a 3-credit College Transition course.
Student Success Great Dane Retention Grants $50,000 Retention grants seeks to reduce financial barriers for academically successful students who owe less than $1,000.
Student Success Hometown Advantage Program $133,500 Over 11,000 students graduate from high schools within 50 miles of UAlbany. This program is designed to help increase the number of local high schools students enrolled at UAlbany.
Diversity & Inclusion Graduate Prospects Symposium $68,500 Host a three-day symposium to recruit academically talented historically underrepresented minority (URM) graduate students.

2018-2019 Strategic Plan Accelerators
Received continued funding for 2019-2020

Student Success

Undergraduate Research Scholarships

$50,000 Provide financial support for undergraduate research projects, travel and registration expenses for regional and national conferences.
Student Success Great Dane Internship Scholarships $50,000 Expand experiential learning opportunities including increased access to internships.
Student Success Great Dane Community Service Scholars $20,000 Provide additional opportunities for community-based internships. 
Research Excellence Transdisciplinary Research Opportunities $225,000 Support new seed funding programs to strengthen the University’s success in competing for transdisciplinary federal research grants.
Internationalization Education Abroad Scholarships $50,000 Provide need-based financial aid for UAlbany students to participate education abroad experiences.
Engagement & Service The Center for Education and Social System Improvement $110,000 Establish new Center to close disparities in education and social systems in the Capital Region and beyond.