Strategic Planning Events & Key Dates

2017-18 Key Dates

  November 3Strategic Planning Committee Meeting
  December 15Strategic Planning Work Group Priority Drafts Due
  January 15Finalize Draft Plan
  January 18 – March 8Strategic Plan Road Show
  March Develop Final Plan; Present at Campus Round Tables
  April Launch Final Plan

Strategic Plan Round Tables

With facilitation from Workgroup members, participants will circulate between five tables, one for each strategic priority, to envision how their unit might help the University reach its goals. This exercise is intended to help us see how we can each play a role in the implementation of the plan. It will also be an opportunity to begin harvesting ideas for the action plans that divisions, schools and colleges will create in the coming months.

The sessions will take place:

  • Thursday, March 8th
    8:30-10:30 am, Milne 200 (Downtown)
  • Friday, March 16th
    1:00-3:00 pm, CC Multi-purpose Room (Uptown)
  • Monday, March 26th
    12:30-2:30 pm, EC GEC 110A (Health Sciences)
  • Friday, March 30th
    1:00-3:00 pm, CC Multi-purpose Room (Uptown)

Strategic Plan “Road Show”

Strategic Plan Committee Co-Chairs, Provost Jim Stellar and Vice President Mike Christakis, will present the draft Strategic Plan to the campus community in a series of meetings with schools, colleges, and administrative units:

  • January 18 at 10:30am
    Student Affairs Divisional Town Hall Meeting, CC Multipurpose Room
  • January 22, 12:30pm
    School of Social Welfare, Milne Hall 200
  • January 24, 1:00pm
    Information Technology Services, ITB 102J
  • January 26, Noon
    School of Public Health, Auditorium Health Science Bldg., Health Sciences Campus
  • January 26, 2:30pm
    Council of Deans, UNH 107/108
  • February 1, 2:30pm
    Undergraduate Education, Assembly Hall
  • February 2, 6:00pm
    Graduate Student Association, CC West Boardroom
  • February 3, 1:30pm
    Alumni Association’s Board of Directors, SEFCU, Hall of Fame Room
  • February 6, 1:00pm
    Development, Alumni House
  • February 7, 1:00pm
    President’s Council, CC West Boardroom 
  • February 8, 9:00am
    Athletics, SEFCU, Hall of Fame Room
  • February 8, 12:30pm
    Rockefeller College, Milne 200
  • February 9, 10:00am
    College of Engineering & Applied Sciences, Standish Room (Science Library)
  • February 12, 1:00pm
    School of Business, BB 151
  • February 13, 9:00am
    School of Criminal Justice, Husted 106A
  • February 13, 12:30pm
    Division of Research, D’Ambra Auditorium
  • February 14, 8:45am
    CAS Open Forum, Assembly Hall
  • February 14, 10:30am
    CAS Open Forum, Assembly Hall
  • February 14, 2:45pm
    Senate Executive Committee, UNH 306
  • February 16, 12:00pm
    UAS Board of Directors, Indian Quad Dining Hall
  • February 21, 8:30pm
    Student Association, CC Board Room
  • February 21, 11:00am
    College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security an Cybersecurity, CC Board Room
  • February 21, 2:30pm
    CAS Council of Chairs, AS-122
  • February 22, 10:00am
    School of Education, CC Board Room
  • February 22, 1:00pm
    University Libraries’ Faculty and Staff, Standish Room (Science Library)
  • February 26, 1:00pm
    Finance and Administration, UNH 306
  • February 26, 2:45pm
    University Senate, Assembly Hall
  • February 28, 12:30pm
    Enrollment Management, UNH 110
  • March 2, 1:00pm
    University Council, in NYC at SUNY Global Center
  • March 8, 3:30pm
    University at Albany Foundation Board of Directors, UNH 110

Note: additional Road Show dates and other Strategic Planning events will be added to this page as they are scheduled.