Strategic Plan Committee Members

James Stellar, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs
Michael Christakis, Vice President for Student Affairs


Jeanette Altarriba, Vice Provost and Dean for Undergraduate Education
Ed Engelbride, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs

Holly Barker-Flynn, Orientation and Transition Programs
Mike Bartoletti, Information Technology Services
Jon Bartow, Graduate Studies
Lee Bickmore, Anthropology
Joyce Dewitt-Parker, Counseling and Psychological Services
Saben Durio, Graduate Student
Laurie Garafola, Student Affairs
Debra Gelinas, Applied Learning
Trudi Jacobson, University Libraries
Michael Jaromin, Student Involvement
Madeeha Khan, Undergraduate Student
Cliff Kim, Government and Community Relations
Linda Krzykowski, Student Engagement
Larry Lichtenstein, Development
Andi Lyons, Music and Theatre
Jack Mahoney, Institutional Research
JoAnne Malatesta, Advisement Services Center
Maritza Martinez, EOP
Li Niu, Chemistry
Julie Novkov, Political Science
Marina Petrukhina, Chemistry
Karl Rethemeyer, Rockefeller College
Lofti Sayahi, Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Lee Serravillo, Alumni Association
Peter Shea, Online Learning
Noah Simon, Career and Professional Development
Kendra Smith-Howard, History
Sandra Starke, Office of the Provost
Doug Sweet, Student Affairs Assessment and Planning
Christine Wagner, Psychology
Dawn Wharram, Graduate Student
Kevin Williams, Office of the Provost
Robert Yagelski, Writing and Critical Inquiry


James Dias, Vice President for Research
Simeon Ananou, Vice President for Information Technology Services and CIO

Allison Appleton, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Rich Becker, Development
Tom Begley, Nanobioscience
Adrienne Bonilla, Research
Dolores Cimini, University Counseling Center
Andrew Cutrone, Undergraduate Student
Vincent Delio, Research
Bryan Early, Political Science
Nasibah Elmi, Graduate Student
Daniele Fabris, Chemistry
Sanjay Goel, Information Security and Digital Forensics
Danny Goodwin, Art and Art History
Rose Greene, Center for Human Services Research
Satyendra Kumar, Research
Megan Kurlycek, Criminal Justice
Kajal Lahiri, Economics
Igor Lednev, Chemistry
Siwei Lyu, Computer Science
Theresa Pardo, Center for Technology in Government
Sheila Seery, Government and Community Relations
Nick Simons, Graduate Student
Ryan Torn, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences
Kevin Wilcox, Finance and Administration


Tamra Minor, Chief Diversity Officer and Assistant Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion
Edelgard Wulfert, Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Frankie Bailey, Criminal Justice
Meghan Cook, Center for Technology in Government
Jose Cruz, Political Science
Jerlisa Fontaine, Undergraduate Student
Glyne Griffith, English
Patrick Jean-Pierre, Diversity and Inclusion
Karyn Loscocco, Sociology
Rabi Musah, Chemistry
Vivien Ng, Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies
Dina Refki, Center for Women in Government and Civil Society
Estela Rivero, Student Affairs
Lisa Trubitt, Information Technology Services
Ray Webb, Graduate Student
Jonathan Whyte Dixon, Graduate Student


Harvey Charles, Dean for International Education and Vice Provost for Global Strategy
Laurie Feldman, Professor of Psychology

Marlene Belfort, Biology
Rita Biswas, Finance
Cynthia Fox, Languages, Literatures and Culture
Elizabeth Gray, Office of the Provost
Kayla James, Graduate Student
John Justino, Health Policy, Management and Behavior
Rey Koslowski, Political Science
Jason Lane, Educational Policy and Leadership
Walter Little, Anthropology
William Pridemore, Criminal Justice
Mitchell Rybak, Undergraduate Student
Abigail Stamm, Graduate Student


Darrell Wheeler, Dean, School of Social Welfare
Mark Benson, Director of Athletics

Martha Asselin, Center for Leadership and Service
Robert Bangert-Drowns, School of Education
Sheila Curran Bernard, History
Deborah Bernnard, University Libraries
Dylan Card, Graduate Student
Jordan Carleo-Evangelist, Government and Community Relations
Christy Doyle, University Events
Margaret Hartley, Communications and Marketing
Janine Jurkowski, Health Policy
Mihaela Kucharczyk, Information Technology Services
Nancy Lauricella, Community Standards
Mary Ellen Mallia, Sustainability
Alfredo Medina, Public Engagement
Mark Anthony Quinn, Undergraduate Student
Terri Scalise Roller, Development
Vanessa Salamy, Graduate Student
Laura Schweitzer, Health Sciences and Biomedical Initiatives
Sheri Stevens, Social Welfare
Travis Wilson, Athletics
Leanne Wirkkula, Office of the President