Strategic Allocation of Resources (StAR)

Strategic Allocation of Resources (StAR)
A model for alignment of strategic planning, assessment and resource allocation

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Important Dates

February 11  Call for proposals
March 29 Proposal submission deadline
March 30 StAR Review Committee assessment
April 5 Recommendations to the Executive Council
April 12 Executive Council review
April 17 Award Notification

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   May I submit more than one proposal?
A.   Yes.
Q.   Is there a minimum funding request?
A.   Yes, the minimum is $5,000 with a maximum of $50,000.
Q.   May I request a permanent position through StAR?
A.   No. The allocation for this process is one time funding only. The campus has recently adopted a workforce planning model, through which all position requests are vetted. 
Q.   Will all proposals be reviewed by the President’s Executive Council?
A.   Proposals will first be reviewed by the StAR review committee which is comprised of faculty, staff, Senate and student representatives. This committee will make recommendations to the President’s Executive Council for review and final decisions.
Q.   Can a member of the President’s Executive Council submit a proposal?
A.   No.
Q.   How much money will be allocated for the StAR program?
A.   Up to $500,000 has been identified for fiscal year 2019.
Q.   Can my proposal request money for more than one year?
A.   Yes. Multi-year proposals of a maximum of three-years in duration will be accepted. However, funding will be considered on an annual basis based upon assessment of progress and goal attainment.
Q.   Can a proposal be submitted for a second round of funding?  
A.   Yes, but no more than twice.
Q.   When can I start spending if my proposal is funded?
A.   Fiscal Year 2019 begins on July 1.