Philip Morris

Philip Morris
Public Service Professor
Public Administration & Policy
Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy

Specialization: Local Government Management

Philip Morris is the CEO of Proctors, the performing arts center of the Capital District located in Schenectady. Over the past 8 years Proctors has raised and invested nearly 40 million dollars to expand its stage, add a flexible use, 3-D Giant Screen facility (the GE Theatre), expand public spaces, create conference facilities and build a central heating and chilling plant that supplies 4 neighbor buildings with utilities and heats a snowmelt system under the sidewalks around Proctors' block, saving users money and substantially reducing the carbon footprint of the buildings involved. Proctors has been at the center of downtown Schenectady's redevelopment and is now open nearly every day of the year with music, theater, dance, films, conventions and meetings, community activities and major Broadway. With a vision of impacting the region's education, economic development and civic engagement, Philip and Proctors are at the cutting edge of the intersection of the arts and public life.