Bruce Miroff

Bruce Miroff

Professor and Collins Fellow
Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy
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216 Milne Hall

PhD, political science, University of California, Berkeley

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Specialization: American Politics & the Presidency

Bruce Miroff joined the Department of Political Science at Albany in 1978. He received his PhD in political science from the University of California, Berkeley in 1974, and he has also taught at the University of Texas, Austin, the University of California at Davis, and Williams College. Miroff teaches and writes on the American Presidency, American Political Development, American Political Theory, and Political Leadership. He has received the Excellence in Teaching Award and is a Collins Fellow at the University at Albany. Along with numerous articles and book chapters, he has authored or co-authored five books: Pragmatic Illusions: The Presidential Politics of John F. Kennedy (1976), Icons of Democracy: American Leaders as Heroes, Aristocrats, Dissenters, and Democrats (1993), The Liberals' Moment: The McGovern Insurgency and the Identity Crisis of the Democratic Party (2007), Debating Democracy: A Reader in American Politics, Sixth Edition (2009), and The Democratic Debate: American Politics in an Age of Change, Fifth Edition (2010). He has delivered guest lectures at a number of American universities, and in the summer of 2009 he was a State Department lecturer in Brazil.