Gender-based and Domestic Violence and the Workplace

Adopted Policy 8.2

Policy Purpose

To set forth the commitment and compliance of University at Albany to the principles of State University of New York policy 6508 entitled “SUNY Gender-Based Violence and the Workplace Policy” on all University at Albany Campuses.

Responsible Office

Office of Equity and Compliance, Division of Finance & Administration

Responsible Executive

Director of the Office of Equity and Compliance

Policy History

  • Date of Permanent Approval:

Policy Statement

The University at Albany, as an institution of the State University of New York system, is required to comply with all policies as promulgated by SUNY unless such policy allows for or requires a separate policy on the issue at hand be adopted by an individual institution of SUNY. Therefore, the University adopts and will enforce SUNY Policy 6508.

Persons Affected

Students, Faculty, Staff, Third Parties


Campus or Campuses is any University owned, leased, licensed or operated space, facility, property, grounds or building.  

SUNY is the State University of New York

University is the University at Albany, State University of New York.


The University adopts and will comply with SUNY policy 6508 entitled SUNY Gender-based Violence and the Workplace policy.

A. Campus Domestic Violence Agency Liaison (DVAL)

  1. Michelly Peña
    Interim Director of Equity and Compliance & Title IX Coordinator
    University at Albany
    Hudson Building
    Building 25, Suite 117
    1400 Washington Avenue
    Albany, NY 12222
    Phone: 518-442-3800
    [email protected]

B. Confidentiality of Campus resources

  1. In accordance with the University’s Title IX Grievance policy, the following officials will provide privacy, but not confidentiality, upon receiving a report of conduct prohibited under SUNY policy 6508:
    a. Title IX Coordinator or designee
    b. Office of Human Resource Management
    c. Office of Community Standards

  2. The following officials may provide confidentiality:
    a. For Students: 
    i.  Counseling and Psychological Services
    ii. Interfaith Services from Intercultural Student Engagement
    iii. Student Health Services