Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer

What is the Office for Innovation Development & Commercialization (OIDC)? 

The Office for Innovation Development & Commercialization helps UAlbany students, faculty and staff increase the societal impact of their research, teaching and service by providing services that enable campus community members to find commercial and public uses for their academic work.

Our team can help you: 

  • Identify novel innovations and assess the costs and benefits associated with development and commercialization 

  • Protect the intellectual property through patent, trademark and/or copyright, as appropriate 

  • Evaluate pathways and develop strategies for development and commercialization 

  • Find partners and negotiate agreements that provide value to all partners while preserving options and intellectual property rights for UAlbany participants

UAlbany researchers’ innovations (intellectual property) are as diverse as their research — ranging from tangible inventions, software and databases to business methods, diagnostic criteria and teaching tools. 

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How We Help UAlbany Researchers 

Here are a few reasons why you’d want to contact our team

  • If your idea or invention’s potential value cannot be fully realized through scholarly publication and classroom teaching, we’ll start the disclosure and assessment process. 

  • If you want to receive, or share, specialized research material from, or with, another organization, we’ll negotiate a Material Transfer Agreement

  • If you want to enrich your research by interacting with companies, we will share our experience, brainstorm options and help you plan next steps. 

  • If a company wants to fund your research, we will work with the Sponsored Programs Administration to negotiate a sponsorship agreement that provides mutual value and fosters a long-term relationship. 

  • If a company or entrepreneur wants to use your idea or invention in a commercial enterprise, we will explore your options, draft a licensing agreement and negotiate favorable terms that allow you to financially benefit through royalty payments that can support further research. 

  • If you want to start a company, we’ll connect you with the expertise and resources you need to become a successful entrepreneur. 

  • If you want to exchange proprietary or confidential information with someone not affiliated with UAlbany, we will draft, negotiate and send a Mutual Confidential Disclosure Agreement (MCDA) to enable this activity. 

  • If you want to learn more about intellectual property and commercialization, we’ll meet with you, your research group and/or your department to provide an overview, answer questions and start an ongoing conversation.


Innovation Ownership & Management 

The following policies govern the management of innovation development and commercialization at UAlbany: 

Typically, on behalf of UAlbany, the Research Foundation for SUNY (SUNY RF) holds the title to innovations developed by funded students, employees and anyone else who have substantial use of SUNY and/or SUNY RF facilities.  

Valid inventors of patentable inventions, as well as the authors and intellectual contributors to computer software, are entitled to 40% of gross royalties, after intellectual property protection expenses are recovered by OIDC. For other forms of innovation, royalties are based on the specific circumstance. 

If the Office for Innovation Development & Commercialization decides not to pursue an innovation on SUNY and/or SUNY RF’s behalf, the title may be returned to the sponsor or creator.