Events, Guests, Visitors, Conferences,meters

It is the responsibility of the host unit to notify PMTS of an event on campus. All events that are NOT prearranged with PMTS will be subject to ticketing.

Departmental Request for Guests Parking is a request to permit guests to park in the Collins Circle Visitor Lots and/or Student Lots and charge your department. If guest passes or tokens are not used department will be billed at the Visitor Rate of $5.00 per visitor.

Department Guest Pass Request Forms -

For Collins Circle Visitor Lots-.
For Parking in Student Lots


Visitors to campus must pay to park in any student, visitor, or apartment lot. Visitors may purchase a temporary tag for $5.40 per day from Parking and Mass Transit Services Office, purchase a temporary permit on-line,  or park at a meter. Overnight parking in the Visitor Lots is not allowed.  On weekends from 6pm Friday and 8am Monday morning, may park free of charge in any student gold lot or apartment lot.

Temporary (per day) Parking Permit $5.40
Visitor Lots before 4 PM - pay as you enter $5.00
Visitor Lots after 4 PM - pay as you enter $3.00

Meter are available in various locations in the Uptown Campus. Please look at the meter to determine the appropriate amount of money required and the time allowed. Times are listed on all meters. Regardless of nearby signs, meters are in effect Monday through Thursday from 8AM to 8PM and Friday from 8AM to 5PM. Students/faculty/staff and those with University permits are NOT permitted to park at meters as they are reserved for visitors of the University. If a meter is broken/out of order/covered by a hood, parking is NOT allowed at that meter.

Community Parking:
Local community parking is available for short term parking in the last 3 rows of Dutch student parking lot for walkers, joggers, or those using the tennis/basketball courts.

Guest Passes:
Guest Passes are available to University departments for their guests at a cost of $30 per booklet of 10 passes. These passes are valid for all-day parking. Passes are good for one day only and require a date and location.

Conference parking arrangements should be made with Parking and Mass Transit Services at least two to six weeks in advance of the event. Organizers are encouraged to include parking fees in their admission charges or conference fees to cover the cost of parking for the event. University departments can contact the parking department or at (518)442-3121 or to coordinate departmental conference, event or guest parking.

Handicapped Guest Parking:
If you are a handicapped visitor, please use the handicapped spots in the visitors’ parking lots on the uptown campus or the visitors handicapped spots available at other locations such as MSC and UAB.  These visitors handicapped spaces do not require a University parking permit.  Please do not use the handicapped spots that require a University decal as this could result in receiving a parking citation.


Visitor's vehicles on the Downtown Campus should be identified by permit; if a visitor's vehicle does not display a permit, it is at risk of being ticketed.

The permit system is intended for invited visitors - i.e., guests attending seminars, conferences, workshops, training and contract courses, client appointments, etc. and is not available to faculty, staff or students.

Visitor permits are valid for the Thurlow (Western Avenue) Lot only. Overnight parking is NOT allowed on the Downtown Campus.

Visitor permits for groups or contract classes should be requested at least one to two weeks in advance of the event.

Whenever possible, we ask units to complete and mail permit forms to participants in advance of their arrival on campus. If units must obtain and issue permits to guests when they arrive, be sure to allocate time to return to the vehicle to display the permit.

A Visitor Parking Permit entitles the holder to park in a legal parking space if one is available. It does not guarantee the visitor a space.