Charter Services

University Departments and authorized Student Organizations may charter University buses.

Charter Service Request Form

Please note the following:

  • Charter approvals based on availability.

  • Charters limited to 50 mile radius of the University. No out of state charters. 

  • University buses and drivers are not available to remain overnight with charter groups. 

  • Must have 1 contact person during the operation of the charter.

  • Groups must provide all necessary itineraries prior to day of charter. 

 Requesting a Charter:

  • Departments with University account numbers should complete a charter request form. 

  • Student organizations must contact Student Organization Account Services (SOAS) to receive authorization to request a charter with Parking and Mass Transit Services.

  • If SOAS authorizes the student organization to request charter then SOAS will follow the requisition process described above.

 Charter Rates:

  • Weekday rate is $100/hr per vehicle, minimum charge of 4 hours.

  • Weekend rate is $135/hr per vehicle, minimum charge of 4 hours.

  • Group responsible for point of sale fees (parking, tolls, etc.). Driver not permitted to pay. 

 Rules and Regulations:

  • Smoking, possession of alcohol or illegal drugs is not permitted. 

  • Driver should never be asked to break any law or circumvent policies.

  • Locations must be accessible without requiring the driver to operate in reverse.  

  • Violation of any of these policies may result in instant termination of the charter. 


  • Drivers maintain phone numbers of Transit Supervisor and University Police.  

  • Buses equipped with 2-way radios, first aid kits, GPS tracking, and fire extinguishers.