Cyberphysics and Robotics

The Knuth Cyberphysics Laboratory focuses on investigating the fundamental physics governing the processes of information-driven cyber-physical systems, as well as implementing advanced data analysis techniques to develop autonomous robotic systems. Particular emphasis is placed on developing autonomous question-asking machines that decide which data to collect based on what they have been programmed to learn. This involves an exploration of the recently-developed inquiry calculus, which enables machines to perform calculation with questions in a manner analogous to probability theory. The Knuth Cyberphysics Lab has several prototype robots, one of which is a robotic arm that demonstrates the principles of a question-asking machine. Other efforts include a NASA-funded project to develop a Bayesian vision-based robotic navigation system. This is performed in collaboration with Autonomous Exploration Inc. and Worcester Polytechnic Institute. The lab is also working in collaboration with the Wadsworth Institute Brain Computer Interface Research Group to developing brain wave (EEG) analysis algorithms for Brain-Machine Interface.