Department of Physics

The Physics Department engages students in cutting edge research to advance the frontiers of our understanding of the universe and to innovate practical solutions to societal challenges Our department has about a dozen faculty, 45 graduate and 140 undergraduate majors. Faculty and students in the department carry out research in a broad range of fields—from a new understanding of quantum mechanics to the search for fundamental particles to robotics and medical imaging. Fundamentally, physicists develop models for understanding how the world works. The training is a basis for a broad range of careers that rely on analytical problem solving. These fields are as diverse as cosmology, engineering, software development, and financial analysis.

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News & Announcements

  • Snowball

    Detecting dark matter using supercooled water

    Although dark matter makes up roughly 85 percent of all matter, it's still never been directly detected. Researchers from the UAlbany led by Prof. Matthew Szydagis have developed a new dark matter detector using supercooled water. More information (including relavent links, paper links, and a video) can be found here.

  • Ashley Chontos

    Kepler's first exoplanet confirmed

    Ashley Chontos (Class of 2016, former member of the Knuth Exoplanet Group), currently graduate student at the University of Hawaii, has received international recognition for confirming that Kepler Space Telescope’s first discovered planet candidate, Kepler-1658b (KOI 4), is indeed a real world. More can be found (including a list of relavent links) here.

  • Quantum Computer

    The World's First Quantum Computer

    Professor Herbert Fotso, assistant professor in UAlbany college of arts and sciences, gives insight on the global arms race in quantum computing, and where the U.S. stands in the competition to create the world's next quantum computer. The podcast and more can be found here.