Podcast: The Research Behind Myotonic Dystrophy

RNA Intstitute Director Andrew Berglund stands in his lab facing camera with a computer and many glass tubes in the background.
RNA Institute Director J. Andrew Berglund discusses Myotonic Dystrophy with the Engagement Ring podcast. (Photo by Patrick Dodson)

ALBANY, N.Y. (Sept. 15, 2022) — Myotonic Dystrophy is the most common cause of adult muscular dystrophy and has a surprisingly high prevalence in New York State of approximately one in 2,100 people.

In the latest episode of The Engagement Ring podcast, Dr. Andy Berglund, director of the University at Albany's RNA Institute, discusses the disease, also referred to as "DM" — DM1 and DM2; symptoms; prevalence; and current research. Dr. Berglund and his colleagues are establishing a Center for Myotonic Dystrophy that that will serve as a hub for academic, clinical and industrial collaborative partnerships to increase research, educational and clinical opportunities related to myotonic dystrophy. The RNA Institute was awarded seed funding from The Marigold Foundation to help develop the center.

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