Congratulations to our two speaker presenters at the National Junior Science and Humanities Symposium:

Skyler Jones from Ossining High School - first place in the category "Chemistry; Materials Science"

Arjun Goyal from Byram Hills High School - second place in the category "Bioengineering; Behavioral Science"

Following are the results from the Upstate New York Regional JSHS
Speaker Final Session Winners:

1st Place: Skyler Jones, Ossining High School, for "Large Polaron Formation as a Charge Carrier Protection Mechanism in MAPbBr3 and CsPbBr3 Perovskite Crystals."

2nd Place: Arjun Goyal, Byram Hills High School, for "Exploring the Role of the Endocannabinoid System in the Treatment of Neuropathic-depressive Behavior and Acute Anxiety."

3rd Place: Simon Peck, Fox Lane High School, for "Use of a Novel Peptide-Based Assay to Determine Potential Risk of Reactivity to Lupine for Peanut Allergic Patients."

4th Place: Jared Bassett, Blind Brook High School, for "The Functional Role of the Immunoglobulin Superfamily Member Number 3 in Glioma Progression and Dissemination."

5th Place: Jeana Chun, Spackenkill High School, for "The Role of Necroptosis in the Development of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms."

Second and Third Place Winners in their Speaker Session:

Behavioral Science
2nd Place: Jillian Harrison, Pelham Memorial High School
3rd Place: Kelly Fitzpatrick, Shaker High School

Biomedical Science One
2nd Place: Emily Xue, Pelham Memorial High School
3rd Place: Sarah Hoffman, Ossining High School

Biomedical Science Two
2nd Place: Charles Panzarella, Westlake High School
3rd Place: Claire Song, Irvington High School

General and Molecular Biology
2nd Place: Ronin Sharma, Ardsley High School
3rd Place: Rebecca Hyatt, Shaker High School

Physical Sciences
2nd Place: Tara Venkatadri, Ardsley High School
3rd Place: Jonathan Mui, Byram Hills High School

Poster Final Session Winners:

Biomedical Sciences One:
1st Place: Joelle El Hamouche, Westlake High School

Biomedical Sciences Two:
1st Place: Mriganka Nerkar, Ardsley High School

Behavioral Sciences:
1st Place: Paige Lee, Putnam Valley High School

Physical Sciences:
1st Place: Emma San Martin, Ossining High School

Environmental Sciences:
1st Place: Eric Schmid, Ossining High School

As part of its ongoing support of JSHS, the American Chemical Society – Corporation Associates will award the $500 American Chemical Society’s Scholarship for Best Paper to Jonathan Mui from Byram Hills High School, for his paper "The Effect of Morphology on Electrochemical Performance of Na2Ti3O7 Anodes in Sodium-ion Batteries."

We would also like to congratulate this year’s Art in Science winner, Isabella Pansini from Fox Lane High School for her outstanding depiction of science and art. To view the 2018 Upstate NY JSHS program and cover artwork, visit 2018 Upstate NY JSHS Program.

Thank you for attending the 33rd Annual Upstate NY JSHS!

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