Are You Involved?

Consider These Questions:

  1. Have you attended a meeting/event sponsored by a student organization on campus?

  2. Have you used the fitness center in the SEFCU Arena or your residence hall on campus?

  3. Do you participate in the intramural sports program on campus?

  4. Have you attended a sporting event on campus this semester?

  5. Do you know what the Student Association is?

  6. Have you visited

  7. Have you attended a UAlbany Programming Board event?

  8. Have you joined a student organization on campus?

  9. Did you attend the Welcome Candlelighting Ceremony during Opening Weekend?

  10. Have you entered your service hours on EngageUAlbany?

Answer Key

If you answered “Yes” 7 times or more, you are already very involved! You may enjoy taking on a campus leadership position in the future.

If you answered “Yes” 4 to 7 times, great job! Consider exploring the other extracurricular opportunities that UAlbany has to offer.

If you answered “Yes” fewer than 4 times, you may be missing out – UAlbany has a lot to offer! Start by identifying organizations and activities of interest that provide an outlet for your energy and talents. Start by visiting or complete the Pathways to Success program!