Graduate Student Employee Insurance

Graduate Student Employee Insurance


International students are automatically enrolled in International Insurance through UnitedHealthcare, but certain eligible graduate student employees have the option to opt-in to employment-based insurance if they prefer. Those plans may include:

If a student opts into an employment-based insurance plan instead of the International Insurance (United Healthcare) plan by the appropriate deadlines, they are eligible to have the International Insurance charge removed from their bill and that International Insurance cancelled.  Students enrolled in employment-based plans must still pay for Medical Evacuation and Repatriation insurance; this covers sending a very sick or deceased student back to their home country and is not covered by the employment-based plans.

Which plan should I choose? This is a personal choice and may depend on your personal needs and/or the needs of any dependents you have accompanying you.  We recommend that you review the benefits and associated costs of both plans when making your decision.


Important Refund/Fee Waiver Information for Students Opting into Employment-Based Insurance

Enrolling in the employment-based insurance plan may take time.  SUNY policy requires that international students have insurance coverage at all times.  Therefore, if your enrollment in an employment-based plan is not yet complete, or there are any gaps in your employment-based insurance plan (such as over summer vacation), you will be charged for the International Insurance plan to cover any gaps in coverage.

If you need to seek medical care during the enrollment process please do so.  Please also contact the enrollment coordinator for the plan you intend to enroll in during that semester/term to ensure that the claim will be processed through the correct insurance provider.

If your Student Account bill is due before your enrollment in the other plan is complete and the waiver is not yet processed, you may be charged a late fee if you do not pay the outstanding balance on your bill.  If you pay the International Insurance fee by the bill due date and your employment-based waiver is later approved, the International Insurance fee payment will be refunded either partially or in full.  

If you do not pay your bill in full by the due date you may be charged a late fee; this late fee will not be waived if you  receive a partial International Insurance refund/waiver at a later date. Please also remember that the emergency evacuation and repatriation fee will not be waived and therefore you should pay that fee by the due date.

If while waiting to enroll in an employment-based insurance plan you use the International Insurance plan (United Healthcare) the coverage cannot be terminated and a refund cannot be issued. 


Contact Information for Employment-Based Plans

GA/TA Student Employment Health Plan (SEHP)

  • Review information on Human Resources website, specifically the SEHP At a Glance Booklet for a plan overview and insurer contact information.
  • For enrollment questions please contact Human Resources: [email protected]
  • Once enrolled, for claims and/or benefits questions please contact the insurance provider


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