University at Albany

Recycling & Waste Reduction

The University at Albany disposes of approximately 2110 tons of garbage per year. Annually we recycled 320 tons of mixed paper, 10 tons of comingled product (glass, plastic, tin), 33 tons of scrap metal, 1.5 tons of tires, 1.75 tons of motor oil, 6 tons of kitchen grease and 1/2 a ton of batteries. UAlbany faculty, staff, and students participate in the nationwide RecycleMania challenges in an effort to increase waste reduction and recycling. If you would like to know more about recycling on campus, click here.Check out this brochure for your essentials on waste reduction at UAlbany.


RecycleMania @ UAlbany

The University at Albany is a proud participant in the recycling competitions and recyclable material benchmarking strategies organized by RecycleMania. Last year (Spring 2010) UAlbany recycled 13 pounds of material per person over the course of RecycleMania.


Give & Go

The Give and Go program occurs during move out in May. The program was established in Spring 2008 and encourages students to donate unwanted, usable items instead of throwing them away. Dates, times, and locations of the collection areas will be announced at the end of each Spring semester.


Clothing Exchange

The Clothing Exchange is a program we hold every year during our Earth Day event. This provides an opportunity for campus community members to donate old, lightly used clothing and browse the selection of other donated clothing and get some "new to you" items. All leftover items are donated to The City Mission.





Starting in Spring 2013, we started to compost pre- and post-consumer food waste at Indian Quad Dining Hall as a pilot program. The project was so successful that State Quad Dining Hall was added in Spring 2014. In the 2014-2015 school year, Indian collected 332,025 lbs. of compost and State collected 227,800.

Composting is taking place in all of the Living Residents Dining Halls!

There is currently a pilot project that allows offices on campus to compost their food scraps to further divert food from our waste stream. Contact if your office would like to compost!


Trashion Fashion

Do you have what it takes to be UAlbany's next great designer? Can you work with unconventional materials? UAlbany is hosting our first annual Trashion Fashion show, where you can create an ensemble from reclaimed and recyclable materials.