Rui Li

Rui Li

Associate Professor
Geography & Planning


Arts & Sciences 211

PhD The Pennsylvania State University

Rui Li

My research interests address various aspects of Geographic Information Science with a special focus on spatial cognition such as wayfinding behaviors and Navigation Systems. 

I am also an affiliated member of the Spatial Intelligence Laboratory in the Institute for Geoinformatics at University of Muenster in Germany, where I have spent two years working as a substitute professor and post-doctoral researcher in two funded projects: WayTO (Wayfinding through Orientation information) funded by German Science Foundation (DFG) and strategic partnership on Spatial Learning (funded by European Union Erasmus + Program). 

Currently, I am working on the projects of providing cognitively efficient wayfinding solutions, landmark selection for spatial orientation as well as location based services for both indoor and outdoor environments. More information can be found on my Research page. Research proposals are also ongoing through internal and external collaborations with different researchers. If you have crossed research interests and would like to discuss with me, please feel free to contact me. 

Watch Rui Li's project for the Albany Rural Cemetery: A GIS Supported Reconstruction of an 1877 Tragedy.