Human cognitive behaviors in GIScience are the main focus of my research. These behaviors include human perception of cartographic representation, acquisition of environmental knowledge, conceptualization of geographic events, and development of cognitive map, etc. Most of the work was done with my advisor in our research projects along with my study. Some projects were done through my dissertation research such as wayfinding behaviors.

A short sample of research projects is listed below. Complete publication can be found through: Curriculum Vita :

Fall 2012 to present, Cognitive Wayfinding

Li, R., Anacta, V.J.A., & Schwering A. Orientation information (submitted). in different forms of route instructions. The 16th AGILE Conference on Geographic Information Science

Fall 2012 to present, Sketchmapia

Schwering, A., Wang, J. Chipofya, M., Shib, J., Li, R. & Broelemann, K. (submitted). SketchMapia: Qualitative representations for the alignment of sketch and metric maps. Spatial Cognition and Computation: An Interdisciplinary Journal.

Fall 2012 to present, Transitional Spaces

Kray, C., Fritze H., Fechner, T., Schwering, A., Li, R., & Anacta, V.J.A. (submitted). Either indoor or outdoor? Exploration of transitional space in urban environment. International Conference on Spatial Information Theory for publication in Lecture Notes in Computer Science.

Fall 2008 to 2012, Wayfinding Through Sapient Interface

Li, R., & Klippel, A. (2012). Explorations of wayfinding problems in libraries: A multi-disciplinary approach. Journal of Map and Geography Libraries. 8(1), 21-38

Spring 2007 to 2008, You-Are-Here Maps

Klippel, A., Li, R., Wu, A., & Zhang, X. (2008). Interactive, multiscale you-are-here maps. In A. Klippel & S. C. Hirtle (Eds.), You-Are-Here Maps: Creating a Sense of Place through Map-like Representations. Workshop held in conjunction with the International Conference Spatial Cognition 2008, September 15-19, 2008, Freiburg, Germany (pp. 11- 20).

Fall 2009 to present, Conceptualization of Geographic Events

Klippel, A., Hardisty, F., & Li, R. (in press). Interpreting spatial patterns: An inquiry into formal and cognitive aspects of Tobler's first law of geography. Annals of the Association of American Geographers.
Klippel, A., & Li, R. (2009). The endpoint hypothesis: A topological-cognitive assessment of geographic scale movement patterns. In Conference on Spatial Invormation Theory, 2009, France. Berlin: Springer.

Spring 2008 Conceptualization of Spatial Autocorrelation

Klippel, A., Hardisty, F., Li, R., & Weaver, C. (2009). Color enhanced star plot glyphs - Can salient shape characteristics be overcome? Cartographica.