Project Based Learning Network

Connecting faculty and external partners, and empowering students to apply course concepts in industry aligned projects.

What is project based learning?

Project based learning is an effective way to help students apply course concepts experientially while gaining critical 21st century skills.

Through the University at Albany’s partnership with the world’s leading virtual project based learning platform, Riipen, faculty from any department may integrate a project into their course.

These projects can be offered both in virtual and in-person courses, in both undergraduate and graduate level programs, creating an ideal opportunity for high impact learning experiences during the pandemic. All projects are created and delivered in conjunction with an external partner, using the Riipen platform.

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A virtual project can be integrated into a wide variety of courses by connecting with a company on Riipen. Possible options include:

  • A MBA Graduate Course working with a technology company to make databases on Google Analytics,

  • Undergraduate Communication Majors working with a financial services firm to conduct an internal communication audit, and

  • Education Majors working with an enrichment center for youth to develop a career readiness guide. 


What is Riipen?

The University at Albany partnered with Riipen, the world's leading virtual project based learning platform, in Summer 2020 to offer our students safe virtual internship options. Riipen's online "marketplace" connects students to thousands of unique international and domestic opportunities.

Starting in Fall 2020, UAlbany began leveraging this partnership to bring experiential learning into the classroom virtually through project based learning. Using Riipen's platform, faculty can connect to external partners both locally and afar to integrate relevant projects into their coursework.

Students in all academic programs benefit from the opportunity to work with external organizations on projects integrated into their courses. Project based learning allows for an opportunity for students to test out concepts learned in class by applying them to hands on projects and to build skills necessary for success in the workforce.


How can faculty get involved?

Through Riipen, faculty members can post an idea to attract companies or look at projects for which companies are recruiting.

Getting started with Riipen is easy:

  • Email [email protected] to start a conversation about how to integrate an industry aligned Riipen project into you course. You can also watch our Faculty Webinar, which explains the basics of using the Riipen system to connect with companies and students to integrate projects.

  • If you decide to move forward, use the Welcome to Riipen Educators Guide to create your Riipen profile and connect with external partners to find the right industry project(s) to add to your course.

  • Next, invite your students to the Riipen platform so they can engage in the project. Students must be registered with the Riipen platform at the start of the semester to participate in a project. 

The Riipen Platform allows faculty to oversee the project and track progress toward meeting course learning objectives, while students benefit from an integrated hands-on learning experience.

How can external partners get involved?

When you sign up for our employer network on Riipen, you can to connect and partner with UAlbany faculty on projects that benefit both your organization and our students. Become a real-life case study for students in the classroom!

Once you're ready to get started with your free access to UAlbany's employer portal, email [email protected] to be sent a special invitation link.

Through Riipen's platform you can:

  • Browse and connect with short-term projects happening at UAlbany

  • Submit your project needs to our portal to match with faculty

  • Easily track and manage your collaboration with students

  • Give us feedback on how our students are performing