Workplace Discrimination

​​​Unlawful discrimination has no place at the University at Albany and offends the University’s core values, which include a commitment to equity and inclusion.

UAlbany's Statement on Equal Opportunity & Non-Discrimination

The University at Albany is committed to providing a diverse and inclusive learning, living and working environment that is free from inequality and discrimination, and to fostering a nurturing and vibrant community founded upon the fundamental dignity and respect of all its members.

All forms of discrimination are an insult to human dignity and impede the academic and professional progress of our community. The University is dedicated to ensuring access, fairness and equity for all persons engaged in its educational programs, employment and related activities, and adheres to all applicable state and federal equal opportunity/access laws.

The University at Albany strictly prohibits all forms of discrimination on the basis of:

  • Race

  • Color

  • Age

  • Disability

  • National or ethnic origin

  • Sex (includes sexual harassment)

  • Pregnancy

  • Religion or creed

  • Sexual orientation

  • Gender identity, expression or dysphoria

  • Transgender status

  • Military status

  • Familial or marital status

  • Domestic violence victim status

  • Predisposing genetic characteristics

  • Citizenship status

  • Previous conviction records (unless specific requirements are met)

  • Prior arrests or criminal accusations

  • Youthful offender adjudications

  • Sealed records

  • Any other group or activity protected by law

The University at Albany, in its continued effort to seek equity in education and employment, and in compliance with state and federal anti-discrimination legislation, has adopted a Discrimination Complaint Procedure for the prompt and equitable investigation and resolution of allegations of unlawful workplace discrimination filed against UAlbany employees. 

Complaints of discrimination filed against students are addressed as harassment under the student code of conduct, Community Rights & Responsibilities, and handled by the Office of Community Standards

UAlbany’s nondiscrimination policy affects all employment practices including, but not limited to, recruiting, hiring, transfers, promotions, benefits, compensation, training, educational opportunities and terminations.

We serve the entire University community, which includes, but is not limited to, faculty, staff, students, guests, vendors and contractors associated with UAlbany.

Educational programs and activities covered include, but are not limited to, admission, recruitment, financial aid, treatment and services, counseling and guidance, classroom assignments, grading, vocational education, recreation, physical education, athletics, housing, sanctions, discipline and employment, as well as any other activity, opportunity or program.


Report Discrimination

UAlbany encourages all members of the University community to educate themselves about unlawful discrimination and to be vigilant in protecting the rights of our community members.

Note: Supervisors are mandatory reporters for allegations of workplace discrimination. 

Upon learning of a possible incident of workplace discrimination, the University will initiate a response intended to stop such conduct from continuing, prevent its recurrence and remedy its effects on the campus community.

All members of the University community who believe they have witnessed or experienced discrimination by a UAlbany employee are encouraged to file a complaint with the Office of Equity & Compliance.

Visit the File a Complaint page to report discrimination to our office and to review your other reporting options.