Off-Campus Safety

August 17, 2023

Dear Great Danes,

With the beginning of the new academic year upon us, we know many of you are excited to start another great year at UAlbany and want to have fun with your friends. Many may want to show off their new apartment and have friends over to catch up.  We encourage you to do this responsibly and in small groups.

Over the last two years, we've seen an uptick in large gatherings of young people, often a mix of college students and local residents, in areas where many UAlbany students live, especially during the first three weekends of the semester. These large gatherings have unfortunately been associated with an increase in violent crime, including gun violence, that impacted the well-being and safety of all midtown residents, including many students.

Given this, I strongly recommend that you avoid all large off-campus gatherings in midtown, especially after dark. There is no safe way for you to be among these crowds, and for students who do not reside in this neighborhood, avoiding these gatherings entirely is the only safe choice.

If you choose to go out, particularly after dark, please take steps to avoid dangerous situations:

  • Avoid large parties and social gatherings.

    • If you choose to host a small and responsible gathering, only allow your friends to enter and turn away people you do not know.

    • Do not enter houses or apartments that belong to strangers.

  • Stay in well-lit areas.

  • Always walk in groups (three or more if possible).

  • Be aware of your surroundings, including who is around you.

    • If something does not feel right or you are in a dangerous situation, move to an area where you are safe and call for help.

  • If you are of age and choose to consume alcohol, do not overindulge.

    • Intoxicated people can be seen as an easy potential target.

  • Do not drink from open containers or accept drinks from people you do not know.

    • This includes juice or other mixed drinks not made in your presence.

  • If you see something suspicious or need help, call your local police department, or dial 911. Download the RAVE Guardian App for extra piece of mind, find more info about this app on the University Police Department website.

Please also know that the University works closely with the Albany Police Department for your safety and to uphold the quality of life of all midtown residents. Any student found attending and/or hosting large disruptive gatherings will be sanctioned under the University’s Community Rights & Responsibilities, up to and including suspension and dismissal from the University. The Albany Police Department is dedicated to making sure that midtown is a safe community for all residents and will be increasing their staffing and presence during these weekends to combat and deter any crimes.

We hope all students have an enjoyable and safe time at the start of the semester. As you make plans, please take a moment to consider whether your actions could have potentially irreversible consequences for your future. If you choose to socialize off campus, please do so safely, thoughtfully, and with a group of friends you trust. 

Always remember, your safety begins with you.


Ken Louzier
Off Campus Student Services