Vaccine Communication Toolkit

Toolkit Instructions

Provider resources and tools to effectively communication with parents about vaccines.

The World Health Organization has declared vaccine hesitancy as one of the top 10 threats to public health. Vaccine hesitancy has led to incidence of vaccine preventable diseases across the world. In 2019 decreased MMR vaccination in certain areas of New York State led to the largest measles outbreak recorded in the state.

A strong provider recommendation and proper communication techniques are critically important to ensure acceptance and adherence to vaccinations. The goal of this toolkit is to give providers the resources and tools to be able to effectively communication with parents about vaccines.

How to Use Toolkit
  • Easily print and share information and apps with parents on vaccine safety, efficacy and schedules
  • Review latest recommendations, share strategies with colleagues, and use to enhance practice-based systems
  • Build your own/your colleagues' understanding about vaccine hesitancy and ways to mitigate it
  • Give parents tools to understand and manage their children's vaccination schedules
  • Use apps to empower parents and let you access information on any device, anywhere
In The Toolkit
  • Printable Resources to share with parents and/or colleagues: Printable and online resources to each parents where they are.
  • Apps for Patients & Practices: Apps to assist your practice improve systems for reaching and following-up with parents.
  • Online Communication Resources: Links to strategies and resources to ensure vaccine compliance.



For more information, please visit Vaccinate NY.

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Note: Sources agencies have provided permission for linkage to this toolkit.

The University at Albany Center for Public Health Continuing Education Center (CPHCE) developed this toolkit in collaboration with the New York State Department of Health to help providers communication with parents about vaccination in New York State.

Communication Resources

Understanding and Addressing Parent’s Concerns

Resources for Parents 

Provider Communication Aids 


Vaccine Related Q&A Sheets 


New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) 


Shots Heard Round the World 


Voices for Vaccines