Deep Fakes

Detecting fake videos through Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology

DeepFakes are Artificial Intelligence (AI)-synthesized face images or videos. Siwei Lyu, a professor in Computer Science, has spent years developing AI methods to detect fake videos, which have become increasingly rampant in social media. The advancements of AI technology, in particular, deep generative models, have enabled the creation of fake videos in ways that have not been possible before. Such fake videos are eroding societal trust in the authenticity of digital media and causing serious ethical, legal, social, and financial consequences. 



Here is a small sampling of his large body of work on this topic:

Yuezun Li and Siwei Lyu. Exposing DeepFake Videos By Detecting Face Warping Artifacts. In Workshop on Media Forensics (in conjunction with CVPR), Long Beach, CA, United States, 2019.

Ehab AlBadawy, Siwei Lyu and Hany Farid. Detecting AI-Synthesized Speech Using Bispectral Analysis. In Workshop on Media Forensics (in conjunction with CVPR), Long Beach, CA, United States, 2019. 

Yuezun Li, Ming-Ching Chang and Siwei Lyu. In Ictu Oculi: Exposing AI Created Fake Videos by Detecting Eye Blinking. In IEEE Workshop on Information Forensics and Security (WIFS), Hong Kong, 2018.



Professor Lyu’s expertise on digital media forensics has been sought by numerous media outlets on both the national and international level. Here is a sample: USA TodayChinese Central TV (CCTV), Deseret News, The Register, The MIT Technology Review, CNN Money, Wired Magazine, Brookings Institute BlogEl Pais (Spanish Newspaper)O Globo (Brazilian News), and iNews (British News website).

Although he has an extensive resume of media coverage spanning several years, following are just a few highlights from the 2018-19 academic year. 

  1. TV Interview on Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson (video and transcript)
  2. Public opinion article for The Conversation on Detection and Protection against DeepFakes
  3. A podcast about Detecting DeepFake Videos on WAMC’s The Academic Minute