Covid-19 Procedures

The following policies and protocols for responding to the COVID-19 pandemic have been put in place for the safety of our staff and the faculty, staff, students, and public with whom we interact.

The primary goals for UAlbany’s Digital Media team during the COVID-19 pandemic are to protect public health while continuing to support the institution’s needs under the Office of Communications and Marketing.

UAlbany’s Digital Media plans are aligned and consistent with the University’s Guide for Returning to the Workplace which has been created with guidance from SUNY, local orders and ordinances within the Capital Region, as well as Governor Cuomo’s NYForward Plan. UAlbany’s plans also follow recommendations from the state and local departments of health, federal government, OSHA, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

All Digital Media team members shall comply with the policies, protocols and guidelines outlined in this document, and compliance will also be required by anyone requesting or participating in a video or photo shoot. Ensuring safety is a responsibility shared by the entire University community.

Our success in limiting the spread of COVID-19 is rooted in the personal responsibility of everyone on campus, principally:

  • frequent hand washing and/or using hand sanitizer
  • wearing a mask or face covering
  • maintaining physical distance from others
  • coughing or sneezing into a tissue or your elbow
  • not touching your face
  • monitoring your own health and not coming to work if sick

We will also employ the following to ensure the safety of our crew and associates:

  • Face coverings will be mandatory for everyone present at a photo/video shoot
  • Face coverings will be required for all subjects if more than one person is being photographed at a time and a minimum distance of 6 feet cannot be maintained
  • A photo/video subject may temporarily remove their face covering only if all of the following are true:

    • • Only one person is being recorded or photographed at a time
    • • A minimum distance of 6 feet can be maintained
    • • The photo/video subject returns their face covering as soon as the shoot is completed
  • Video/photo shoots will be limited to outdoor locations whenever possible. Location requests may be refused at the discretion of the Digital Media team members involved.
  • People on site will be limited to those who are essential to the photo/video shoot

    • • Crew members should be kept to a minimum number of people
    • • People not directly involved or necessary to the shoot should refrain from being
    • present. This will often mean one crew member and one subject.

  • A maximum of one person will be allowed at a time in the smaller indoor areas that Digital Media controls or operates. This includes the Studio 17 control room as well as the equipment room. Two or more people may be present in the main studio space, but the number of people should be kept to the absolute minimum. People waiting for studio access should remain physically distanced from one another outside the studio in the main hallway.
  • Hand washing will be required prior to entry to these areas
  • All microphones will be sanitized before and after each use. Microphones should not be shared between people
  • Boom microphones will be used instead of pin on lavaliers when possible. Some shooting conditions may still necessitate lav mics.
  • All other shared equipment (e.g., batteries, lenses, etc.) will be sanitized before and after each shoot
  • Sharing of items between individuals on set should be discouraged. This includes pens or pencils andpaper items such as printed scripts, etc.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation with these guidelines as we return to operations. The safety of everyone involved is our ultimate concern. These guidelines are subject to change as the situation continues to evolve.

Please direct questions or concerns to [email protected].