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Pre-Health Advisory Committee, Forms, and Documents

The UAlbany Pre-Health Advisory Committee (PHAC) is an interview and evaluation process for UAlbany undergraduates who plan to apply to medical, dental, or optometry schools. The PHAC will evaluate you as an applicant and write a committee letter evaluation. The pre-health advisors will assist you in your application to medical, dental, or optometry school by submitting your committee letter with supporting letters of recommendation to professional schools after you apply.

The PHAC grants one interview and evaluation per student.  The PHAC commences each Spring.

What You Need to Do to Get a Committee Letter
Pre-health Coursework:

Pre-health Coursework that MUST be completed before the pre-health interview:
- ABIO 130, 131 and labs ABIO 201, 202
- ACHM 120, 121 and labs ACHM 124, 125
- ACHM 220, 221 and labs ACHM 222, 223
- APSY 101
- ASOC 115
- 2 College Math Courses including a statistics course and a calculus course
- 1-2 College English courses (UUNI 110 counts as an English course)
- APHY 105, 106 (lab)
- APHY 108 and 109(lab) may be in progress during the spring of the interview.

Checklist for Pre-Health Advisory Committee Letter

The following items must be submitted to your pre-health file in order to be considered for a pre-health advisory committee interview and evaluation. You can start to submit items to your file on November 15th. All forms and documents are due by the first Monday of January and letters of recommendation are due by the first Monday of February.


You will need to upload a resume of your activities while an undergraduate. Please use a resume format which may include the following:

- Name, class year, permanent address, phone number and email.
- Academic information, major and minor; honors, awards or prizes
- Research work
- Health-related experiences, such as volunteer work, paid work or shadowing/observation
- Employment experiences/ jobs
- Campus activities and community service.

Personal Statement:

Your personal statement is a very important part of your application. It should demonstrate your writing ability. Please check for grammar and typos. Have another person read your essay before it is submitted to the committee. It should be two pages, double-spaced.

- Content may include:
- Some personal information about your background
- Important influences in your life
- Explain why you want to go to medical, dental or optometry school
- Your goals or values in life
- Communicate what is special about you

Note for Early Assurance Applicants:

In addition to your personal statement, you must also submit a statement describing your reasons for participating in early assurance. You should also describe your plan for the “scholarly/academic” project that you will carry out junior/senior year if accepted.

Upload Your Resume, Personal Statement, and Note for Early Assurance Here

Request for Committee Evaluation:

This form lets us know that you are planning to apply this year and starts a file for you. Please review carefully the requirements to interview with the pre-health advisory committee and then sign and submit.

Authorization/Student Evaluation Waiver Form:

This form gives the Pre-health Advisory Committee permission to obtain your grades and evaluate your academic qualifications for graduate and professional schools. There is also a waiver or retention of rights to review your letters of recommendation. Medical schools would prefer that your letters of recommendation and your committee evaluation should be confidential. Therefore, we encourage to carefully consider whether or not to sign the waiver of your right of direct access.

Click Here to Complete the Request for Committee Evaluation and the Waiver Form.

Judicial Clearance Form:

The Pre-health Advisory Committee does not conduct an extensive background check of students, but we ask that students interviewing with the committee submit this form to our Judicial Affairs office for a review of your University at Albany’s disciplinary records. The main purpose of this form is so that the committee can effectively advise and evaluate our applicants.

Click Here to Fill Out the Judicial Clearance Form.

Required Letters of Recommendation:

For every letter of recommendation you ask to be sent to the Pre-health Advisory Committee, you will need complete top portion of the student evaluation form and sign it and then send the form to your letter-writer to complete and upload with a letter of recommendation for you.
- 2 Letters of recommendation from SCIENCE faculty who have taught you
- 1 Letter of recommendation from Social Science or Humanities faculty who has taught you
- Letter of recommendation documenting a minimum of 50 hours of health care experience in clinical setting with direct patient contact (volunteer or paid experience)
- Letter confirming research - optional
- Additional letters of recommendation – optional

Click Here to Request Letters of Recommendation.
*IMPORTANT* Save the initial email you receive after your first submission request so you can use it to submit additional requests at a later date.




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